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1/3 Self Hypnosis. Regression

June 21, 2010 by relax  
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First you need to save all three video’s to your playlist so that they run continuously. To play continuous from your playlist. Click on your name top right on your channel, then click on videos, then click on Playlist on the left, find the playlist you want to play, then click on Play All you will have no interruptions. I have tried this myself several times now and found it absolutely fascinating. It just seems to get better each time I do the regression. If it doesn’t work for you the first time then please try again. Some of my friends said that they were a bit apprehensive the first time so it didn’t work but has worked every time after that. NOTE: A few tips that may help you. Don’t do the regression when your tired, you will just fall asleep. Don’t drink coke or caffine just before the regression, your be too awake. Use head phones if available. Lie down with your arms by your side, listen to the voice and concentrate only on his voice. You may just see a glimps of your past life at first but that will be just the start for your next regression. Go with the flow and let yourself go. Your subconscious mind will open the doors for you to enter but your conscious mind will stop you entering. Your conscious mind deals with fact and what is happening now. So you have to relax your conscious mind so you can slip past him. Learnt by practice. Remember your conscious mind is looking after your interest (what’s best for you to see) without him your on your own. Some visions

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  2. has anyone found a past life regression hypnosis on the internet that actually works?
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25 Responses to “1/3 Self Hypnosis. Regression”
  1. gift1969 says:

    i just fall asleep during this session,never see anything in my dreams too.only one thing is after doing i feel very relax

  2. beautybbes says:

    Is this completely safe, or will it scare you?

  3. sydonabike says:


    The falling ones represent the dying.

    …SOMEbody’s gotta go.

  4. sydonabike says:


    Doesn’t really matter. As of right now, all we have is right now.
    If half of these die hards really believe in reincarnation, then why don’t they kill themselves?
    Of course some HAVE …. But I mean life would be as easy as channel surfing that way.
    Get to a part you don’t like….BOOM!

    Life after death defeats the purpose of death. Its like scrabble pieces in the holder; Keep putting a piece in, and another will fall out. keep on and the one you started with will fall.

  5. beautybbes says:

    is it scary? and is it safe?

  6. mycrystalmind says:

    Thanks for the vid it was very helpful! i found out my name was anikesha. i lived in a space ship with my husband, when the universe was still new.. we were tasked with populating the universe. it was done with some kind of science. i think my race of people were made in the lab, not born (they did it that way so it would be a peaceful experience) . we did not have a home planet. i think i was born and died on the ship. i never felt sadness , i was in a constant state of peace and serenity.

  7. UdIe801 says:

    @sydonabike so u dont believe in reincarnation

  8. sydonabike says:

    Does anyone remember “false memories” in college psychology?

    We need to enjoy the life we have RIGHT NOW rather than looking back. Take care of problems of RIGHT NOW rather than dwell on the past ones ….What are you going to do in the next life? …The same thing?

    That’s why your eyes are in front. …..Go forward.

    However I did try this…..That voice in my ear was like letting a homo babble in my ear while trying to molest me. …I didn’t make it hardly through part 2. Annoying.

  9. michaeldrewdanner says:

    @UdIe801 for that matter where is the beginning

  10. UdIe801 says:

    if there is lives after lives then where is the end

  11. ParkerAndLuke says:

    @UdIe801 when he asked, “turn to your left and see the calender, what year is it?” i didn’t see a year, but the day. i could tell it was the 30’s because of the cars and the clothing people were wearing.

  12. UdIe801 says:

    @ParkerAndLuke OK i got it but how do u know the date and time

  13. ShadowsConcealed6783 says:

    Sorry this didn’t work on me. Interesting video though.

  14. ParkerAndLuke says:

    It was in the 1930’s and i was in my early 30’s. It was September 17. I was lost in the city. there were many people around, but none of them were my acquaintances. My name was Jerry B (i couldn’t catch the last name). and i had a beautiful blonde wife named Cynthia. If you let yourself go, this really works…
    oh, and my door that i walked through was purple…

  15. hkdoycle says:

    noo i hated that. i kept feeling like a demon was about to jump out like in a nightmare or a horror movie…

  16. 1Maindog says:

    I saw skuls lots and lots of skuls

  17. XxSabrinuhxX says:

    I actually felt myself starting to slip into it, and got too scared and woke myself up at 5:31 :(

  18. sourskitzels says:

    i was on a prarie i saw lightning behind a small house then i got really sad
    but i never knew what date it was…but when the video was done all i could say was “WOW!”

  19. mmaghfai says:

    @PiesAreAwesome apparently according to Dolores Cannon, we can be reincarnated as animals….rocks…humans, etc. some of us may even have alien souls….so I’m not surprised you were a horse. Oh and ilove horses, beautiful creatures they are….

  20. Nemesis9002 says:

    I’ve always felt I had a past life. & wanted to explore it, but didn’t have the money to do so. Thank you for putting this video up. Although some of it worked, but I wasn’t fully hypnotized. I have fear loosing myself when doing self hypnosis & not being able to come out of it, but this video kinda eased all my fears of it. Though nothing showed up. As I know that it could take months to years before I actually remember my past lives. that my past lives might also come into my dreams.

  21. PiesAreAwesome says:

    wtf this is bs there is no way I was a horse? Was anybody else a horse. I am not even attached to them or am not the least bit interested in them. I couldn’t of been a horse.

  22. mansongirl17us says:

    It kind of work for me. In the first video I felt asleep like right away deeply until my mother called me. In the second video I was a man, now I’m Diana, then I was Kai 33 years old, I didnt remember my job or anything I just saw a beautiful asian woman and I was in love with her, thats the only thing I remember oh and I saw my face a little chuby white guy with small eyes and was wearing glasses.

  23. GoodyGian says:

    I don’t think I did this right. I just imagined myself floating around the galaxy like a star.

  24. spam4rb says:

    The year was 1891. There was lots of nature, bright sunshine, beautiful waterfalls, etc. I was walking towards a big tree. I worked in nature. It was a very nice, nourishing, almost spiritual experience. I guess that explains my attachment to nature and aversion to city life. Unfortunately, someone disturbed me halfway the exercise.

  25. eggbaax says:

    I had a few distractions during, such as laundry and a buzzing phone thus the experienced was hardly as great as it could have been but I still got something out of it. My dates were all wrong, I visualized July 20th or 23rd, 2003 yet I was dressed as a young woman in the 1700’s with a casual earth toned dress. I need to do this again with no distractions, get my thoughts clear.

    Great video!

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