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3 reasons to Learn Hypnosis

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Why should you learn Hypnosis . To start with let me clarify that hypnosis has nothing to do with black magic or occultism. Hypnosis is simply a trance like state which leads us to experience a higher state of being. Quite akin to the Yogi’s in Himalayan mountains

However the fact remains that the alpha mind state reached using hypnosis is something worth experiencing if only for the sake of the peace of mind it provides.Nonetheless, there remain countless other uses for hypnotherapy in today’s fast urban world.


1.A Door to the sub conscious mind.

Scientists have repeatedly proven that almost all of our behaviors, fears, actions are caused by or controlled by our sub conscious mind.It’s only by using the subconscious mind that we can make changes which remove these unnecessary patterns and install new behaviors.

The subconscious mind is considered more powerful than the conscious mind.Luckily, It also accepts suggestions more easily than the conscious mind. Hence, Using self hypnosis we can open a door to our subconscious mind which can then be altered using suggestions.

2. Eliminate bad habits

Using hypnotherapy we can eliminated bad habits like smoking, stammering and even biting nails. Though much more beneficial when a practitioner is conducting the session, these can be done via self hypnosis too. When the mind is in a trance like state it readily accepts suggestions for good behaviors which can be effectively used to eliminate bad habits

For example, wouldn’t you like get over your fear of flying or of heights ? Or maybe accelerate your creativity ?

3.Eliminate stress

There is a lot of stress in today’s world. If there is one thing that you let hypnosis do for you, I’d suggest that it be removing of stress and providing peace of mind and maintaining calmness around yourself.

The basic function of hypnosis is to get you into a calm relaxed alpha state of mind.Wether you use that alpha state to improve yourself or remove bad habits is up to you but by default it will provide you a stress free life at least. And any smart person would agree that, that in itself is a massive benefit.

Here you will find resources on how to learn these things.




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