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Amazing Hypnosis Makes You High

April 9, 2010 by relax  
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Let me do hypnosis on you. In 45 sec your brain is going crazy, you wont belive your eyes. Must see this

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25 Responses to “Amazing Hypnosis Makes You High”
  1. solsenter says:

    nothing happend -.-

  2. MrMrDeathwish says:

    i got a headache

  3. Twitters96 says:


  4. jamableful says:

    Lik je majmuncina :) hahahahha

  5. jehockey1224 says:

    holy shit. it worked

  6. kaulitzzzangel says:

    All I’ve got was a bad headache :(

  7. poppe191 says:

    Every1 he copied this vid!!! It’s actilly another vid. And that explain the low quality. It’s actilly a 2 min long vid.

  8. songfang95 says:

    it’s ridiculously trippy and it does indeed make the room appear to move but so does guitar hero. trust me boy this ain’t no high. lmao. but cool vid none the less :)

  9. coreythekiddykidd says:

    this didnt do nothing but give me a headache :/

  10. ramirfel001 says:

    awesome fealt just awesome

  11. mark5angel says:

    ….thats not what it looks or feels like when ur high…

  12. johncp1989 says:

    Didn’t work. tried it like 20 times.

  13. 3METALover3 says:

    Guitar hero/rock band does this

  14. jebbeddy says:

    thats awsome

  15. riseofvengance says:

    @PokemonDude454545 its not hypnosis the scientific term is the boil effect type it up on google to learn more

  16. nicolefroehlich says:

    Guitar hero does this to me too.

  17. frankrulez8395 says:

    I did it 3 times fun fun fun!

  18. IIDaViex says:


  19. AshOdonis says:

    Why is my dick getting bigger?!?!?!
    Oh wait, i got porn up on the other tab.

  20. PokemonDude454545 says:

    HOLY COW!!! IT WORKED!!! I thought I couldn’t be hypnotized.

  21. chubowks1 says:

    @SuperBrucestar wow

  22. Kpspen says:

    My pictures were bending on the wall

  23. Caesor says:


    They never work on me either. A small percentage of the population are just ‘wired’ differently and optical illusions don’t work on them. Don’t be surprised if some older 3-D movies don’t work either.

  24. RonMailbox says:

    Lol I’m tripping shit right now

  25. ILUVBMNC1 says:


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