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Animal hypnosis and trances – BBC

April 26, 2010 by relax  
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Watch these weird and wonderful images of animal hypnosis in this BBC clip. When in danger, animals will often fall into a trance-like state to avoid capture.

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25 Responses to “Animal hypnosis and trances – BBC”
  1. e105b5 says:

    Now I wanna see that alligator think its a chicken rofl

  2. erinserai says:

    lol the chicken walked by the other four like “wuuut..? “

  3. lenobaleno says:

    LOL @ the guys AC/DC shirt…hahaha

  4. lenobaleno says:

    oh hail no….nah ah….no you didnt

  5. lenobaleno says:

    LOL at the black woman

  6. jasongiddensviper478 says:

    My bunny does that.

  7. hittingice says:

    @KISSAproductions Yes sure…. Put your lover on her back and she will be calm and happy :)

  8. colmonhs says:

    what about cats?

  9. hotchick1244 says:

    if ur gonna hypnotise a chiken…. you gotta catch it first =p

  10. LimeGirl08 says:

    I think this video is awesome. I wonder if all animals have the ability to become hypnotized, and if so, what is the “trick”?

  11. MariyahDaCopt says:

    wow this is amazing how did someone discovered how to hypnotise animalls and experiment on them

  12. dw053408 says:

    sleepy critters

  13. linro says:

    Gosh i had 3 chicken last time and i didnt noe you can do that. That would be fun.

  14. KakuKachoO says:

    Hey hey hey!
    I remember something like this from sharks too!

    They roll sharks upside down and they get really calm and gentle!

  15. nono1641 says:

    u r a deuce

  16. KISSAproductions says:

    anyway, birds are not too far for reptiles.. how about human, is there any such easy method too?:D

  17. gringodeltoro1 says:

    Can’t rot in the sun the all roddy day!

  18. indalecio21 says:

    Ha,a chicken in LSD xD

  19. MrPerseus2009 says:

    This shit is amazing. I have seen this done on sharks look it up it’s wierd.

  20. General01kyuubi says:

    yay kill the pigeons.. they are flying RATS

  21. Jelloxox says:

    how is this cruelty to animals? I swear so of yall take this peta shit too far. They are in a relax catatonic state.

  22. subparcrap says:

    if hypnosis is deep enough all negative feelings go away

  23. WFR says:

    i don’t see the cruelty, but fucked up sure, in the most wonderful way :D

  24. Meklorka says:

    I could see this if an animal was injured and in danger of going into shock, but otherwise it seems sort of cruel and fucked up.

  25. pokemontraid says:

    this is sooo cool!

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