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anyone else ever volunteer at a hypnosis show?

August 11, 2008 by relax  
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hypnosis67 anyone else ever volunteer at a hypnosis show?
jessica asked:

so i went with a few friends and decided to try it as it seemed interesting. i went up stage and he had us focus on some sort of shining crystal ball as he talked. he kept saying to relax and all of that. eventually i went under pretty good and it felt pretty cool. anyone else?

Does Hypnosis Work
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4 Responses to “anyone else ever volunteer at a hypnosis show?”
  1. TOM S says:

    Lose Weight Hypnosis

    Don,t believe in them…..Why, because I cannot be Hypnotized

  2. carley s says:

    Persuasion Hypnosis

    i haven’t volunteered but want to, but to tell u I’m sidekick i know what time it is or i know what person somebody is going to pick or eliminate on t.v shows.

  3. hope4hmnty says:

    Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

    yeah, it didn’t work.

  4. The Master Method of Hypnosis

    I liked being hypnotized. I was like a massage for my psyche. However, mine was in private and not on stage.

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