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Are certain types of people more susceptible to hypnosis?

February 19, 2012 by relax  
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Question by boxinglobster: Are certain types of people more susceptible to hypnosis?
My brothers and I have tried at 2-3 hypnosis shows, and we’re totally willing to do whatever… but seem unable to ‘go under’ the spell. Others meanwhile, fall hook & sinker & do ridiculous things way out of character. Is it something to do with personality, level of trust, etc.?

Would like to hear from a psychologist or hypnotist if possible.

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Answer by happygrrl06
Your tense and you need to realx your mind and breath in deeply.

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One Response to “Are certain types of people more susceptible to hypnosis?”
  1. Lawrence says:

    Certain people may be more suggestible than others. Try doing a test such as the handclasp for example to see how suggestible you are. However, I believe that anyone can be hypnotized PROVIDED the hypnotist carefully customizes the induction for that specific person. Say for instance that your main modality is visual i.e. you focus mainly on visual stimuli, it would not make sense for your hypnotist to use an induction that focuses heavily on tactile sensations i.e. your hand feels warm etc. Remember also that so called stage hypnosis is a separate branch not always favorably viewed by “serious” hypnotists so don’t be too concerned by this. Find a good hypnotist and in a calm and relaxed environment see what happens. Check out my site for some useful information on self hypnosis.

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