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Pray and Grow Thin

praythin Pray and Grow ThinGod Wants You To Achieve Your Perfect Weight.

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” MARK 11:24

  • Tired of being overweight?
  • Like to begin losing weight immediately?
  • Regain your once trim figure?
  • Be attractive to your mate (or potential mate)?
  • Secure your position at work? (one man we know lost his job because of his weight problem)
  • Increase your life span?
  • Lower your risk of disease?
  • Succeed in reaching your goals?
  • Become the person you’ve always wanted to be?

Spend the next few minutes with me – and I promise to show you how you can…

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The FASTEST and EASIEST way you can effect positive change in your life and lose the weight you want, IN FACT accomplish anything you want is by utilizing your own God Given gifts; because “…with God nothing shall be impossible.”  LUKE 1:37

Please grab a cup of coffee or a glass of water and spend a few minutes with me…. I’ve got some very important information to share with you! Information that CAN and WILL help you effect positive change in your life, now and for the rest of your life!

Does it sound like I’m excited, well I am.

Fact is I feel terrific! I’m on top of the world, I’m having a RED LETTER DAY. Why? I’ve lost over 30 pounds, I feel great, look great (least I think so) and life is fun again.

Better introduce myself, my name is Rahn…. I know we’re just meeting through this letter, but what I’m about to share could CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER, it did for me….

But wait….I know when you accessed this page, you expected to hear about PRAY AND GROW THIN. Well hold on… won’t be disappointed, utilizing the secrets you’ll learn in this book, you can lose all the weight you need to.

But here is the amazing part, the power of prayer is THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE. Utilizing it’s power is tapping the very heart of the Creator. The one who made the heavens and the earth, with His help you can achieve anything you desire in life… IT’S TRUE!

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” MARK 11:24


I could list all the diets I’ve tried, how many times I lost and gained back the same 20 pounds, but I’m sure you’ve heard those stories or ones much like them. What I want to tell you about is my success.

Utilizing the teachings I learned in PRAY AND GROW THIN I’ve lost 33 pounds and I’m aiming for 50. I’ll make it with flying colors and you know what? It’ll be easy, I’m not kidding.

I’m not saying it happened overnight, it didn’t. It happened slowly but consistently, 1 to 2 pounds per week on the average. At the beginning I dreaded getting close to a weight scale, if I saw one I’d run (well not exactly run) the other way. Then through prayer, the weight began to vanish and I started getting excited. Even before I stood on the scale, I knew I’d lost weight; my clothes fit better and somehow I just felt lighter.

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This time I walked to the scale with a smile on my face, I knew I’d be pleased. I WAS! The first weigh-in showed a loss of 1 1/2 pounds, not a lot but the journey had begun. Each time I checked, the numbers got smaller, each time I checked was a new victory. I was accomplishing something I’d thought for years was impossible.

I’m not particularly religious, so when my wife gave me this book, I didn’t think much of it. Boy was I surprised. Using some of the methods, I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds. Thanks.

Baton Rouge, LA.

Before finding PRAY AND GROW THIN I’d given up on myself. Thought I’d never lose weight and was destined to be overweight the rest of my life. Of course I learned to live with it, but if the truth be known (and now it is) I was embarrassed.  I’d avoid old friends, didn’t want to hear them say, “boy you’ve put on weight”. High school reunions? No way! I couldn’t imagine walking in 30 pounds (more actually) overweight and hearing whispers behind my back. But what was I to do, I’d tried all the popular systems and nothing worked?


We’ve all heard the expression God works in mysterious ways, well He did for me. I was sitting in a Shoney’s restaurant drinking coffee and eating (typically) a piece of strawberry pie. It was scrumptious and I wasn’t wasting anytime putting it away. Just as I was eating the last bites I heard someone call my name. I wasn’t expecting anyone, and definitely not the person I saw; an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. He looked trim, fit and prosperous, not anything like I remembered him.

In school he’d been the one overweight, now he was fit and I had the weight problem. Standing next to him was a beautiful woman with a striking smile, this was his fiance, (now his wife). Later I heard that like most of us, he’d experienced his own set of problems, but that’s another story. Suffice to say, through prayer,… then putting prayer into action (a crucial point), he triumphed and became a better person for it.

About a year ago I tried Nutri Systems. It may work for some but not for me.  And…, I was paying them weekly for their food and getting marginal results. When a friend told me about Pray and Grow Thin, I figured it was just another gimmick. I was wrong. I’ve lost 10 pounds and plan to stick with it.

T. Patterson
Chattanooga, TN

We exchanged pleasantries and promised to get together soon. I figured like most chance meetings, I’d never hear from him again. That wasn’t what happened. The next day he telephoned and we got together for lunch (which suited me just fine).  Of course we talked about the old days, who’d we’d known, what they might be doing now, etc. Near the end of the meal I decided to go ahead and ask what I had to know.

“How in the world did you lose all that weight?”

He smiled to himself, as if possessing some special knowledge (actually he did) then told the story of how he’d first come in contact with PRAY AND GROW THIN. Seems a well-meaning friend, we’ll call him Tom, ran across a tattered copy of a book at his father-in-law’s house. When he saw it, knowing his friend had a weight problem, he felt compelled to give it to him and asked permission to borrow it. That taken care of he made a special trip to deliver the book personally.

Well, since Tom was a good friend, he accepted the gift. However, inside his temper was on edge. Not only was he skeptical, but also a bit angry. He didn’t appreciate being reminded of his weight problem. Once Tom left, the book was thrown in a corner and forgotten. Well almost forgotten, he did remember it one insomnia filled night.

This was one of those nights where no matter what you do, sleep won’t come.

  • Warm milk? (didn’t work)
  • Counting sheep? (he lost count)
  • Nytol? (he was out) Herbal Tea? (he didn’t like it)
  • Read a book? (he’d read them all)

That is except for one….. In a dusty corner, laying under a couple of old magazines lay a book he really didn’t want to read. “What the heck?” he thought. “It’s that or nothing.”

About a year ago I had a heart attack. My doctor said the main reason was my weight. With my life on the line I figured I better do something about it. I watched the infomercials on late night TV, I saw Willard Scott endorsing Slim Fast, I heard the ads for Opti Fast, Nutri Systems, Jenny Craig, but it didn’t seem to be what I needed. Pray and Grow Thin is. Not only have I lost weight, lowered my blood pressure, but I’ve become more effective as a person. Matter of fact, on my last physical, my doctor couldn’t believe the change. If I can return the favor, just let me know..

B. Thompson
Carlsbad, NM


He started reading the first pages reluctantly, but soon it was like a cool breeze on a summer day. When the sun came up he hadn’t slept much, but he’d had a revelation. He realized he could learn valuable lessons from this book. Lessons that would surely bring him to his ideal weight; but more, lessons that could help him in every area of his life.

“Look at me”, my friend said smiling. “It works.”

There wasn’t any arguing with the man sitting before me, the fat kid from school was now trim, fit and happy. He was a new person.


Are you skeptical? That’s fine, I was. Even though I saw the evidence sitting across the table, I’d already thrown the book into a dusty corner of my mind. What changed? Just a simple gesture from my friend. As we got up to leave he grasped me on the shoulder looked me straight in the eye and said “Rahn,….. give it a chance. It might just turn your life around.”

A couple of nights later, as I was attempting to catch my breath after walking up a flight of stairs, I thought “what the heck” and picked it up. The rest is history as they say, I’ve already told you it worked for me, over 30 pounds and still counting. It can work for you too.

I realize you only know me from this blog and your first impression will come entirely from this post. Well, I’ll try and make it a good one and I’ll do my best to convince you that PRAY & GROW THIN WORKS.

I’ll be honest. Pray and Grow Thin, what a bunch of baloney. That’s what I thought, but when I saw my wife lose 17 pounds, and drop 4 dress sizes, figured I better take a second look. Glad I did. It’s working for me too. Now my wife and I are losing weight together. Thanks…..

T. Hanson
Lansing, MI

I want you to have a copy of this book, and I’m going to do everything possible to make it easy for you. I took the old tattered copy and put it into PDF format. I had to get special permission from the authors. (That’s a story in itself.) After talking with their family and beginning to understand their vision, I asked if I could obtain the marketing rights.

At first there was silence, they didn’t know me and probably wondered about my motives. On the next phone call I told them of my weight loss and my enthusiasm about the book. I had their attention and they agreed to give it some serious consideration and get back to me. The next few days were long ones spent mostly waiting for the phone to ring.

Finally they called with the answer I hoped for, “YES” but with two conditions.


That I make it available to as many as possible and,… at the best possible price. I was concerned; with printing, postage and advertising, the expense could be high. But with the ease and reach of the Internet, it’s easy. Almost everyone has (or get a free copy) of Adobe Reader, so I put the book in PDF format so anyone, anywhere, can immediately obtain a copy.


Would you like to Pray and Grow Thin? Would you like to begin right now or perhaps tomorrow morning? You can. The entire book, full of suggestions, hints, prayers, methods, alternatives and more can be in your hands, in just moments.

Condition #1, “FULFILLED”.


Because of the Internet and since there are no postage charges, no costly printings or expensive ads. “Pray and Grow Thin” can be printed or read directly from your screen My costs are lowered, and the savings go directly to you.

Condition #2 “PAID IN FULL”.



Because I knew how important Pray and Grow Thin can be, I wanted to do something extra to make this an extremely attractive offer.  And I did, you’ll receive a BONUS FREE.

I’ll tell you more about this in a minute.

Thanks for a very different look at the field of weight loss. Much as I hate to admit it, I was moving toward what some would call, morbid obesity. Not a pretty site, and especially so when I looked in the mirror. I did some searches and there are millions (it seems) books on weight loss out there, and it feels like I’ve sampled all of them, well a lot anyway. When I found your site and this book, I downloaded with a more than fair share of skepticism. But now I’m convinced, with a bit of help from the Lord, some sincere effort on my part, 25 pounds has ‘hit the road’. I plan to keep it up.

Billy H. Hardos
Gossel, KS

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Okay, you’ve heard my friend’s story, you’ve heard mine. Are you convinced or still skeptical? It’s perfectly all right if you are, remember,….. my job is to do the convincing and I’m not through trying. I want you to be absolutely certain PRAY AND GROW THIN works and remember, no matter where in the world you are, or what time of the day or night it is; you can IMMEDIATELY download the book.

I GUARANTEE if you will seriously put the methods in “Pray and Grow Thin” to use, and if you don’t lose weight, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. Can anything be fairer than that? Truthfully though, no one has taken me up on this, I have 100% satisfied customers.


Are you beginning to wonder, maybe this could work? Perhaps I’ll give it a try, but what exactly is PRAY AND GROW THIN about?


  • It is not a rehash of tired ideas you’ve heard again and again.
  • It has nothing to do with diet pills, or special foods.
  • It does not demand strenuous exercise.
  • It does not require a large outlay of money. (Remember the conditions I had to meet.)
  • It’s not based on you belonging to any religious group.
  • It does not require you to tell anyone (although you might like to) what you are doing.


  • It is something you can begin immediately. Tonight if you’d like.
  • It is something you can do in the privacy of your home, or take to the fanciest restaurant.
  • Planning a trip? This will fit right in.
  • Already have a favorite diet? This will work in conjunction not in opposition.

You’ll find this treasure packed with helpful, insightful information designed to help you lose weight immediately.

You’ll find each page easy to read, easy to put into practice, and filled with success. But there’s more. Not only will you learn the easy and simple way to reach your weight loss goal, you’ll find each page filled with INSIGHTS and INSPIRATIONS for life. You see, the beauty of this book is… it gives you the ability to have…


This is a book that may come only once in a lifetime. Sure, there are a million weight loss books. Some good, some mediocre, but none give you the potential to tap the true power of your mind and body. With Pray and Grow Thin, the power of the universe is at your beck and call.

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” MARK 11:24

After you read this book and began applying the methods you can forget:

  • Nutri Systems
  • Weight Watchers
  • Jenny Craig
  • Slim Fast
  • The Grapefruit Diet
  • Dexitrim
  • Opti-Fast
  • Liquid Diets and the many others…..

They are either expensive, difficult or dangerous and the vast majority of people gain back the weight they lost. With PRAY AND GROW THIN you can end the diet yo/yo forever.


What would you be willing to pay to reach any goal you wish?

Some pay a small fortune to Nutri Systems, Jenny Craig, Opti-Fast and others. And,… they pay it each week as they buy the packaged foods they sell.

Others pay hundreds of dollars attending weekend seminars hoping to gain secret information to help them in life. This information may be for weight loss, smoking cessation, real estate purchases, vending machine routes, relationships, etc. But the bottom line is this, they are searching for something to help them rise above the ordinary, whether this be financially, spiritually, or emotionally.

So how much would this be worth? $295.00? Seems high but many pay this much and more for these seminars. If I was to offer this life-changing book for $79.00 it would be an excellent bargain. However, if I were to charge this much I wouldn’t be meeting Condition # 2 that the authors asked me to honor. It must be available at the absolute lowest price possible.


I knew “Pray and Grow Thin” was an excellent book, but I wanted to give you something extra FREE. But what? Well I figured if you’re like me, I’d like to find a word or verse that nails the way I feel, but I’m no theologian. What I did was this; I wrote letters, made phone calls, talked and talked, etc., and here’s what I found. All of us at one time or another share about 36 common problems. I had several experts look into these and they found ONE VERSE FOR EACH DAY of the week per section. So, we have 36 sections x 7 (days in the week) giving a total of 252 (Two Hundred Fifty Two). I think you’ll like this, it’s been very helpful to me and others who’ve used it.

So here’s what you get…

1. A power packed book full of information, methods, techniques, etc., to help you lose weight.

2. Inspirations, motivational thoughts, interesting tidbits, etc., on each page.

3. A complete 1500 (Fifteen Hundred) item listing of foods and their calorie equivalent.

4. Facts on which exercises help you reach your weight loss goal the fastest.

5. FREE BONUS BOOK. I think you’ll want to print this and carry it with you.

The total cost for “Pray and Grow Thin” is only $23.95. This is ONE TIME COST, there are no recurring charges, no food packages to buy, no daily pills to take. You can begin to lose weight with your first prayer.

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100percent Pray and Grow ThinSatisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

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