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can anyone please help me with My hypnosis induction?

January 29, 2014 by relax  
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Question by Karan: can anyone please help me with My hypnosis induction?
i always tell them that they should only listen to me and not do anything more or less than i tell them to do… and then i start the instant hypnosis induction but it fails on so many of my friends…could it be that they do not believe i can hypnotize?
also, how is your pre-talk for an instance induction? what do u make sure to cover? does it work for you 100% everytime?

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Answer by Some Lazy Kid
I think hypnosis will only work on those who believe in it and i also think you need the person to focus fully on you throughout the whole process

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One Response to “can anyone please help me with My hypnosis induction?”
  1. Robert H says:

    well im not really sure about hypnosis itself but i do know a way that is somewhat effective… its called subliminal messaging (getting a thought into someones mind and manipulating that person through the thought)…say you want a laptop try your hardest to get that thought into that persons head… like saying LAPTOP after every sentence or it they’re asleep, play a tape that says “buy a laptop…buy a laptop” their subconscious will take in that information and there might b some effect

    i tried it on my dad we were supposed to look @ phones..we ended up spending half the time looking at laptops ;-)

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