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Can hypnosis be used to create a new personality?

September 30, 2012 by relax  
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Question by Ashley: Can hypnosis be used to create a new personality?
Like say, if I wanted certain characteristics within myself and I would be willing to go under, not against my will, can that be done?

Like if I had to study, can someone put new under and make me study more when I want to?

Could I create a new personality over mine currently and become that person?

Best answer:

Answer by Dave
hypnosis can cure bad habits such as smoking, nose picking, slacking off in school, etc. hypnosis cannot however change you as a person. hypnosis works by tapping in to your subconcious, and personality traits are not held in your sub conscious.

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One Response to “Can hypnosis be used to create a new personality?”
  1. Towanda says:

    They say that under hypnosis they can cure all types of things like smoking, etc. And then I’ve heard people say when they hypnotize people for those shows that no matter what you will not do anything you wouldn’t do anyway. So subtle hints to stop a bad habit might work but altering your entire personality…I hope not. I don’t intend to be hypnotized to find out.

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