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Can hypnosis cause temporary vertigo?

January 16, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Jesus Shat: Can hypnosis cause temporary vertigo?
I’ve been experimenting for the past weeks with Youtube videos on the topic of hypnosis. I don’t get hypnotized but just really sleepy.

Today I started feeling as though I were floating in air, with my head spinning slightly tilted, but I never moved a muscle. Weird feeling.

Could these be other possible causes:

-Skipping breakfast and lunch
-Rapid weight loss
Was just experimenting with hypnosis for fun, but none of it worked. Hoopla busted.

Best answer:

Answer by Kj
All you mentioned can cause dizziness, the least being hypnosis.
I would work with a professional rather than just youtube… some one you trust. The floating feeling sounds similar to a deep meditation, not dizzy just light.
why do you want to experiment with hypnosis?

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One Response to “Can hypnosis cause temporary vertigo?”
  1. Lord_Darkclaw says:

    There is no such thing as hypnosis (sadly) so the answer lies elsewhere.
    It sounds to me like an inner-ear effect where you temporarily lose balance; you were probably just tired.

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