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can hypnosis help you grow taller?

June 16, 2014 by relax  
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Question by paul: can hypnosis help you grow taller?
I’m 15 and recently I saw a video called grow taller hypnosis. Apparently it releases a hormone that helps you grow but I find it hard to believe that someone can just tell you to grow taller. Does anybody know if it works?

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Answer by Mike G

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3 Responses to “can hypnosis help you grow taller?”
  1. Michelle says:

    No. It doesn’t. Don’t waste any money on it because it’s all a bunch of bull. Your genes have already determined how tall you will eventually be. Good nutrition, exercise and healthy habits will maximize on that. Not hypnosis.

  2. Susan Yarrawonga says:

    Hypnosis won’t help.

    To grow taller plenty of protein, calcium, vitamin D and zinc all help.

    To reach your potential height you need adequate sleep (from 8-10 hours per night), adequate calories and a normal healthy diet.

    Plenty of protein from eggs, meat, poultry, sea food and dairy products helps as well as calcium from milk, cheese and other dairy products. You also need plenty of zinc from red meat, oysters, mussels, nuts and seeds and zinc fortified cereals such as Weetbix. Vitamin D3 via the Sun also helps.

    Girls usually stop growing at 15 and in most cases any further height growth from 15-21 is insignificant but there are exceptions such as late bloomers.

    Guys usually stop growing at 18 and in most cases any further height growth from 18-25 is insignificant but there are exceptions such as late bloomers.

    Under eating and under sleeping can, to some extent, stunt your height growth. Exercise does not help your height growth and smoking can actually reduce your potential height by a whole inch.

    You can see further tips in a web search for “how to grow taller naturally”.

  3. Ashesh says:

    Self hypnosis or simply Hypnosis has helped millions of people all over the world. The only glitch is that it can be a bit expensive procedure, and it doesnt guaranteed results. This just means that it may not work for you. A reputable hypnotherapist normally charges around $ 100 for a single session, and to get noticeable results, you probably need to take many of these sessions.

    An inexpensive way to get benefits of hypnosis is to try self hypnosis. However, on the down side, it is a time consuming process to learn and then implement. In my opinion, it would not be great idea to depend on hypnosis. There are cheaper and far more powerful options available: The most effective one is repeating positive affirmations at night just before you go to sleep. This practice is as effective as self hypnosis or hypnosis. You can even try another result-oriented program in the link given below, which has helped many people in getting result, and is less expensive and easier to implement than hypnosis.

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