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Can i use Hypnosis to take the fear out of me?

February 1, 2013 by relax  
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Question by pure j: Can i use Hypnosis to take the fear out of me?
Not about anything particular thing, but I wan’t to use it to program my mind to not be scared of anything.

I’ve heard and know hypnosis is powerful, so answer please, with whatever information you have.

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Answer by tigger
top contributer here for psychology…Whonose try emailing them or wait till they respond if they dont allow email;_ylt=A0WTcZwTc0NGTiwBMwnsy6IX?show=AA11328572

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5 Responses to “Can i use Hypnosis to take the fear out of me?”
  1. lola-ski says:

    yes, you can and i think this is the safest form of exorcising yourself from such emotion. it’s all in the mind and the mind needs to be re-programmed in a positive way. good luck!

  2. says:

    wats to loose, try it and if it doesnt work ooo well!

  3. R. Younique says:

    Well not that I’ve heard of, but in a way it can help you to block sudden memories and tricks of fear going on in your mind. But nothing for certain.

  4. no one says:

    Yes, you can. You’re right. Hypnosis is powerful.
    Most things in day to day life are a form of hypnosis. Getting up everyday through the morning commute to work or school. Going to the same cubicle or classes or location. Doing the same repetitive tasks or movement. Social interactions are all due to a form of stress related “hypnosis”. Even meditation is a form of self hypnosis. Even religion is a form of hypnosis. You say certain prayers, do incantations or services or masses or what have you and your genuine belief that what you believe to be true is true, and thus for you is. It’s why hypochondria is possible. Placebo effects. A person can take a sugar pill, but yet it still has affects. It’s the belief that changed the effects, not the pill itself. Hypnosis is most traditionally used when a perceivable authority figure regardless of who it may be, takes up that tone of authority to tell you to do specific things. Hypnosis isn’t mind control. Mind control doesn’t exist. The only person who can ever jump into the process that is you is already there. It’s you. Nobody can jump into your body and make you do or think or feel anything. But what they can do is suggest things to your conscious mind and give you proper motivation or they can distract or confuse your conscious mind and talk directly to your subconscious which is where those beliefs lie, which only knows how to take orders and follow them to the letter. It’s the conscious mind’s job to question. Never the subconscious’. In all it’s about authenticating your belief that what you want to be true, is true. And when there is no longer doubt in your mind, you can even pass what seem to be logical limits and boundaries to human existance. For example withstanding ridiculous amounts of pain, training yourself to spot something that is to untrained eyes unspottable, to do certain things religiously that otherwise you would have long grown tired of consciously and stopped doing. From what I have, hypnosis isn’t exactly something you want to be on the receiving end of, no matter how fun. Clinical hypnotherapists are helpful, but it’s a lot less proficient in comparison to the natural hypnosis that takes place in everyday day to day life. For example, a person who goes up onto a stage full of people, especially if not accustomed to such things, will almost instantaneously go into the stress response state, clouding their thoughts and distracting their mind leaving whatever hypnotist to talk directly to their subconscious minds and suggest whatever he will. I suggest natural hypnosis that comes to with day to day living rather than clinical hypnotherapy. It feels very good to be hypnotised. Having another person taking place of your conscious mind and becoming only one to react is a very relaxing and secure feeling place to be. But anything you want to believe and know for certain can be acquired through your mind without any cost naturally in day to day life. If you want to become fearless, affirm your intentions and do whatever it takes to know their veritability. Take actions confidently in their direction. As more people believe what you’re intending, you’ll find it most natural to believe it to. If ever one will say to you, “You’re really brave” you’ll really be feeling the truth in the statement. Wow, I’m really Brave. I feel confident. Through time and intention you can have anything you want. But if you’d like a more instantaneous, although clinical hypnotherapy could help with a more instaneous approach, the results vary. Some people’s beliefs are different and thus their brains sometimes have difficulty accepting the statements given. Others are naturally self guided and don’t listen well to orders, and if that happens to be you, it could easily leave someone feeling defeated. They may begin to believe hypnosis doesn’t work. Which is another form of hypnosis that won’t allow hypnosis to work on them. It sounds funny but it’s very true. We’re under all types of hypnosis at this moment. Anything you know 100% for a fact to be true is a form of one. Thus, to get hypnosis, take actions to prove to your conscious and subconscious mind that 100% truth about your desire’s existence and veritability right now in this moment, and it will be.

  5. Tom R says:

    fears are basically phobias, some are based on fact and some are not . A fear of falling is real and should be heeded , a fear of the outdoors is fabricated in 99+% of all cases. If there is a riot or a tornado happening outside that is a different mater and that fear is what you should be aware of. Hypnosis in most of its 800 + names can be used to reduce or remove the phobia Any professional hypnotherapist can help you do it. remember that all forms of hypnosis are self hypnosis.

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