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Can looking at a hypnotic spiral for a long time really get a person hypnotised?

February 5, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Profound: Can looking at a hypnotic spiral for a long time really get a person hypnotised?
If I keep looking at a hypnotic spiral (like the ones available on the Internet), then can it get me hypnotised? Will that be dangerous?

How does hypnosis work?

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Answer by Tarkus
Your brain, like everybody else’s, contains two minds: a conscious mind (which does all your thinking) and an unconscious mind (which controls feelings, intuition, dreams, creativity and the like). Between the two minds is a barrier called the Critical Factor. The Critical Factor evaluates all information you recieve, and determines whether or not to pass it on to the subconscious mind. Any information that enters the subconscious mind instantly becomes acted on.

Consider how you might go about picking up a glass of water:

Conscious mind realizes it is thirsty.
Conscious mind sends a signal to the critical factor.
Critical factor agrees, and passes the information on to the subconscious mind.
Unconscious mind recieves the command to pick up the glass of water, and coordinates the dozens of minute muscle motions necessary to pick up the glass and drink.

What hypnosis allows you to do is bypass the critical factor, so every suggestion you give is acted upon immediately by the subconscious mind. Hypnosis usually use a rather simple process in order to bypass this critical factor:

1) They bring their subjects attention to a single point of focus (this can be an external point, such as the hypnotists eyes, or an internal one, such as a feeling of relaxation)
2) They use the language patterns of the subconscious mind to stimulate it directly
3) They give suggestions directly to the subconscious mind, bypassing the CF

At one point in history the Hypnodisc was very commonly used, as it makes the subject feel ‘trancy’. However without suggestions from a hypnotist it alone will have no effect on you except blurring up your vision a bit. Most modern hypnotists that use Eyelid Fixation (focusing on an object) to induce hypnosis have a subject stare at a point on the wall. I usually use internal points of focus, having a subject close his eyes and then saying something like this:

“And you can begin to wonder how deep of a trance you already are in, and how much deeper you can go, but before you go deeper and deeper into a profoundly deep state of sleep you need only allow yourself to become increasingly aware of your breathing, which slows and deepens just as you slow, and you go deeper, and become aware of your body, and how heavy it is becoming, and how relaxing it is to just sink down deeper, for you have already begun to feel the first signs of relaxation, and relaxation is a fascinating thing because once you begin to feel it, it starts to move, and the more it moves the stronger it gets, taking you down deeper and deeper…”

So it is largely a personal preference whether or not a hypnotist uses a hypnodisc. However a hypnodisc has no power in and of itself.

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