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Can you be Hypnotized? Self Hypnosis Video

April 22, 2010 by relax  
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Watch this video, follow the instructions and you will be hypnotized. A great video if you haven’t tried Self Hypnosis before.

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25 Responses to “Can you be Hypnotized? Self Hypnosis Video”
  1. carlynbb says:

    I forgot to rate a few seconds ago so I just did 5

  2. carlynbb says:

    I was in the bath room whail doin this. It echoed even more!

  3. zeldafan7584 says:

    it works

  4. soralover135 says:

    i admit, i drooled

  5. Raditzize says:

    not bad, i enjoyed the guys voice but the picture was like being inside doctor who’s mine. weird.

  6. EncouraginTv says:

    got me so high made me laugh every 5 seconds i was looking at the vid

    Didn’t work too

  7. OnlyAdamKnows says:

    That worked….

  8. 2008raptor350man says:

    awsome it works

  9. JediBrick says:


  10. malyiah1 says:

    wow that was awesome

  11. CFRM1624 says:

    Like the spirals on the outside just started going super fast and now it’s hard to move me legs and everything keeps shrinking and expanding.

  12. citygirl11225 says:

    it made me like see things almost pulsing but i don’t think i was actually in a trance.

  13. MsDarkwolves says:

    Dude, I cant believe that worked!!! I was almost asleep I was so into it!!! Awesome dude!!!

  14. DeaThDealEr969 says:

    ya my legs were all weird and shaky

  15. lilrobsakers says:

    that was sick it actually worked =)

  16. runescapeownage102 says:

    this shit got me stoned

  17. crazyfor15 says:

    omfg if friken worked!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. TheD1V1N1TY says:

    woow when i looked away my screen was a fking spiral lmao

  19. sophiaarawrr says:

    who, if you stare at it the whole time, and look at something else right away, it morphs the image you’re looking at! and i’m soo tired, now.

  20. DetectiveDeckard says:

    that guy’s voice is mental lol

  21. mango11300 says:

    i almost fell asleep ! i thought it wouldnt work but it did 5/5

  22. cronaldo733 says:

    dude when i got up from my chair my legs were soooo tired icouldnt hold my self up

  23. uncoloredcrayons says:

    wow XD I thought it wouldn’t work but it did

  24. joshs0978 says:

    woooow that shitt isss weirdddd!!!!

  25. skipper69crash says:

    i dont really know if it worked. my vision just start to like sink it towards the middle. holy shit :)

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