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Can you Learn Hypnosis Online?

March 11, 2011 by relax  
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There are a lot of sites making claims that they will teach you hypnosis right here on the spot. I Know because I run one of them. But can you really learn anything online, that doesn’t involve online skills.

You can read about blogging and become a reasonable blogger, while sitting in front of you computer.

But can you also read about plumbing on the internet, and become a reasonable plumber. Think about it… Even if you read everything ever printed about plumbing would you be considered a plumber?

We do not live in the Matrix were a set of skills can be uploaded and put into effect immediately. You need practice. That is why online practice works for online skills. If you want to build a skill set, like being able to hypnotise people, you need to practice the techniques in the real world. There are no easy way.

A lot of people spend years reading about hypnosis. They have read all the books of great hypnotists, watched all the Derren Brown videos on YouTube, without ever doing a single hypnotic induction. I spent a whole year doing this, and that was AFTER i ha done a live training.

When I had my first real client (who was just a friend of mine) I was more nervous than he was. The training I had left me with a minimum of practical skills, so all I did was sit and read aloud from a piece of paper. But I still somehow got it to work.

My advice is, don’t prolong this. You will have to put yourself in to situations that will make you a little uncomfortable no matter when you start. As my Hypnosis Mentor once said “Rather do two really crappy inductions today, than one perfect tomorrow”

Start doing a bit of research on hypnosis. Find somewhere that will show you the nuts and bolts of everything, and then find somewhere to practice. You don’t have to dive in at the deep end and start doing instant inductions on people in the subway. You can if you want to, but be ready for not succeeding. Start out with something you are comfortable with, or at least at situation where you can be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, and then work your way up…

The internet does have a lot to offer in this learning face, but also a lot of pitfalls. Much of the content out there is made for making money and does not supply the value advertised. But you will also find some excellent material and online hypnosis forums that will give you the support and feedback needed on your way to mastery.

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