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Chocolate Hypnosis, can you taste it in your mouth? Read the details?

April 9, 2012 by relax  
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Question by albuddah: Chocolate Hypnosis, can you taste it in your mouth? Read the details?
I have been trying a new form of hypnosis read this and focus on the words as if they are true and tell me the result, thanks.
You are taking a bite out of a chunk of chocolate now, feel the chocolate slide effortlessly across your teeth and the delicious taste starts to melt immediately on your tongue now, mixing the chocolate all through your mouth. It tastes so good it is amazing without even thinking about it how you love the taste more and more as you chew now. The flavor grows stronger, twice as delicious with every second that goes by now. It is getting better and better and the taste is so addicting. It is like the best piece of chocolate you have ever sampled in your life now. The chocolate swirling and swirling around your mouth as it melts more and more now. As it starts to slide down your throat, the exquisite flavor remains behind, reminding you of how good chocolate can be now. It tastes so good, you crave it more and more now. You want more chocolate now, yes?

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Answer by shears
Nope, sorry nothing. Maybe I’m not the hypnotic type.

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2 Responses to “Chocolate Hypnosis, can you taste it in your mouth? Read the details?”
  1. lily_raine says:

    Honestly, k, I am a fat chick that hates sweets. Go figure, huh? Chocolate, even under hypnosis does not appeal to me nearly as much as pasta and cheese and potatoes. Maybe chocolate doesn’t have enough carbs for me, or the fact that I hate sweets but love sugar. Make any sense? No, not to me either but its true. If you gave me the choice between a whole chocolate cake and one little piece of lasagna, you could not pay me to eat that damned cake!

  2. rams says:

    It worked on me may be bcoz i love chocolates and eats them fequently. so i was hypnotised somewhat with ur reading. its good.

    But i think people who love chocolates and eats them frequelty can feel here.

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