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Christians: Do you think hypnosis is good or bad?

January 31, 2014 by relax  
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Question by Ian: Christians: Do you think hypnosis is good or bad?
Somebody told me Christians think hypnosis is evil. True?

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Answer by secular
Thou shalt have no other forms of mind-control before me.

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6 Responses to “Christians: Do you think hypnosis is good or bad?”
  1. Mr. John says:

    I think it’s bad. It is not natural or god-way technique.

  2. thezaylady says:

    Some Christians think so because it involves mind-altering without the use of Christ.
    Other Christians, like myself, believe it to be a neutral thing. It can be used for good, bad, and entertainment. It’s a natural thing that does not require drugs or magic, only the power of suggestion.

  3. Xystren says:

    The thing is, hypnosis is *NOT* mind control.

    Hypnosis is just a focused state of concentration, nothing more. Hypnosis doesn’t turn someone into a mindless zombie, a hypnotist can’t make someone do what they don’t want to do, or something that goes against their morals.

    As a hypnotist, hypnosis is not something that I do to you. I am nothing more than a guide or a coach showing you how to use a skill that you already have. Already, you enter a state of hypnosis naturally many many times a day, all by yourself. This isn’t mystical or magic.

    Ever been doing something and you’ve lost track of time? State of hypnosis. Ever played a game and been “in the zone”? State of hypnosis. Ever daydreamed? State of hypnosis. Ever been to a church service? Hypnosis is very common. Even the faith healers that “bop” someone on the head with a “You are healed” are using the same sort of hypnotic techniques that a hypnotist would use as an rapid/instant induction. It is a far more natural state than most people realize.

    Ever gone to sleep? As you fall asleep and go through the various different stages of sleep, your brain activity will at time match the same brain frequencies associated with hypnosis.

    Hypnosis is not the freaky thing that Hollywood and the movies would have you believe. Hypnosis is just a tool that can be very helpful in many situations.

    As for being evil, evil has to do with intent, not the tool used. A pen can be used to write the most beautiful poetry/literature or it can be used to write/distribute hate literature. Does that make the tool (the pen) evil? Of course not. The intent behind the use of the tool is what makes it good or evil

    Anyone that has sat down and prayed for a good outcome or the likes, has likely entered a state of self-hypnosis. It’s a skill that we already have. A skill that we often don’t make full use of or even learn to use.

    Hypnosis isn’t something that is mystical or magical. It’s not mind control as many/Hollywood would have you believe.


  4. Sadhara Satguru says:


    As a hypnotherapist I always find that people feeling that hypnosis is bad is absurd.

    It is a natural mental state that is entered into several times a day, it is solely to do with the manner in which the brain works.

    There is nothing mystical about it in any way.


  5. donator says:

    I’m agree with sadhara. I make it simple for you. when you see the gun, what it purpose? bad or good think?’s depend on the man behind the trigger. you could used it for both purposed.

  6. Tom R says:

    There are many things in this world that are benign that some person can use for good or bad. It is the person who is bad not the object. How many ways can a glass of wine be used? start with communion and finish with drunkenness causing the death of an Innocent person. Now you get to add all the things in between.

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