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Concentrating on homework with ADHD (maybe wanna try hypnosis)?

May 5, 2014 by relax  
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Question by Jessica: Concentrating on homework with ADHD (maybe wanna try hypnosis)?
My performance during a school day in high school is outstanding (A’s and A+’s and all honors). But I can’t for the life of me concentrate on my homework which really affects my grade. I went to see Dan Larosa, an amazing hypnotist that can hypnotize people in three seconds (and I know I can get hypnotized. I wasn’t a volunteer but I passed the tests). What happened was so amazing that I think it could help me get rid of stuff like procrastination and help me stay focused on more important stuff (for example, I should be working on an essay and a lab report but instead I’m Googling stuff about hypnosis!) I take medicine but for some reason it helps with everything BUT focusing on homework. Well i can’t completely say that because I think I’m even MORE unfocused without it. I don’t need a higher dosage I just need to get to work! Once I start it I get into it but if I’m not interested my mind is all over the place and its almost impossible. I do better when work isn’t near my computer but once I get on my imac its almost an impossible task.

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Answer by Eleanor
Yeah I had this problem too, it’s really hard, I know.

What I found worked better to help my concentration was doing thins in bits. Do a couple of questions, then when I did was play a song on Guitar Hero or play a match of Call of Duty or Halo 3, then do a couple more questions, without procrastinating by saying “One more song” if you know what I mean.

You could even do something like have a game of that crap Minesweeper or Pinball icon smile Concentrating on homework with ADHD (maybe wanna try hypnosis)?

If you don’t want to be near your computer at all, I just ended up doodling on the side of the page and then carrying on a couple of minutes later when I realized I shouldn’t be doodling.

Another thing that worked for me was Concerta XL instead of Ritalin, if that’s what you are on.

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3 Responses to “Concentrating on homework with ADHD (maybe wanna try hypnosis)?”
  1. Amy says:

    I was never interested in trying Hypnosis (They say you can’t be if you aren’t willing so it wouldn’t have helped much). I notice that my medicine wears off in the 7pm range (if I took it when I get up at 6-7) and after that I can’t get anything done. In HS I was you, I did amazing in school, but I never did homework. I even shocked my stats teacher, she told me until she was blue in the face that I could not learn if I didn’t do the homework, but I made a 96 on the final exam. I wish I had done my homework, it would have been a lot less stressful. I encourage you to try additional therapy (I prefer strict schedule and meditation with my medication… If I stick to it life is so much easier. The meditation also helps me get to sleep so I don’t have to take a sleeping pill). Just get your doctors (and parents assuming you are under the age of majority (usually 18)) permission. (I would say hypnosis isn’t all that dangerous, not like adding herbals, or radically changing your diet.) I hope it helps!

  2. Laura says:

    You’re right, hypnosis can help you concentrate better! Here is a great concentration hypnosis CD by hypnotist Laura King:

    Hope that helps!

  3. Lelouch says:

    definitely try it, hypnosis is a powerful tool that can really help you if you are willing

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