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Conversational Hypnosis Course – Learn Hypnosis Online

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If you want to learn to be a good conversationalist plus learn to manipulate the minds of the people you are talking to, then you can try the ‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis’ course that was created by master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski and Clifford Mee.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis course is comprised of 12-hour sessions that is formatted in MP3s and are recorded in a CD.

In that 12-hour session package, Igor and Clifford delivered all the information you needed in helping you perfect your skills in manipulating other people’s minds towards your advantage.

It should be noted that hypnosis is not a harmful tool. It is used in various medical practices effectively and many people practice hypnosis to better and improve themselves.

However, there are also black ops hypnosis that can manipulate your thoughts and this course will show you how to identify it and stop it in its track.

If you checked their site, you’ll see how many clients have proven the effectiveness of the program these two has created. For $49, you’ll get the 12-hour session, which is composed of the step by step procedures of the basic and advance techniques in hypnosis, some useful tips you can use during special occasions, a manual having 629 pages, and some extra cheat sheets that are necessary for you to understand the in depth art of hypnotism.

What you’ll get here in this widely acclaimed program is the vast information that will definitely help you develop into a positive being.

If you want to be a great interpersonal communicator, this program will definitely help you gain that extra chutzpah and convincing power. It covers the basics and intermediate levels of conversational hypnosis.

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