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Could hypnosis help you perform better in math?

March 6, 2011 by relax  
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Question by Lightning of Wisdom: Could hypnosis help you perform better in math?
I am going to have 20 people take a very difficult math test without the aid of hypnosis. Then I will take those same people, subject them to consensual hypnosis and while they are in this hypnotic state, tell them that they will be able to perform better in math. I will then have them retake a similar test of equal difficulty to see if they really did perform any differently. Do you think this will work? I have seen hypnosis used for many other things but I could find nothing on this particular subject.

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Answer by Gary L
I doubt it

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One Response to “Could hypnosis help you perform better in math?”
  1. TobyF says:

    I’m not entirely sure how you hope the hypnosis would have an effect. If you consider that lack of confidence causes people to do less well then perhaps. If you can come up with specific suggestions that might help, then go ahead. If you take the latter route you should not see the tests in case it biases your suggestions.

    I’d suggest recording your hypnosis session so all participants receive the same.

    You will need a control group who don’t get hypnosis. Doing one test might of itself give practice in test taking that helps with the second test. Also it is hard to produce two tests of exactly equal difficulty.

    So I’d suggest 4 groups. A=1st test, B = 2nd test, N + No hypnosis, H = hypnosis
    A N B
    B N A
    A H B
    B H A

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