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Curing Allergies With Hypnosis

February 15, 2009 by relax  
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[ad]We are yearning for spring as I write this and allergies will abound.  Imagine this (and remember that word ‘imagine’), it’s a bright, beautiful morning, a light breeze in the air, the sky azure, a friend calls and invites you to the lake.  While you want to go, something in your mind says… “Oh… but all the pollens and allergies… it would be a nightmare”… and you decline. You’re disappointed, knowing you’ll miss a great time, but still… the allergies would make it less than pleasant. Does that sound familiar?

Countless people are missing added joy, simply because their subconscious mind is telling them they’ll suffer from allergens. Using ONLY the power of your mind, YOU CAN alleviate most allergies and gain total control of your life.

Sound impossible, it’s not? Using simply the ease and power of hypnosis and self hypnosis, I’ve witnessed hundreds of people whose allergic reactions have vanished.

Allergic to cats… CURED
Allergic to dogs… CURED
Allergic to pollen… CURED
Allergic to certain foods… CURED

How and why? Because your brain is simply sending the wrong signal, it believes you’re in danger and its job is protection, your protection. When this happens; your immune system kicks into gear, producing histamines that try to eliminate the offence your subconscious believes is causing danger.

Using hypnosis, we can tell your brain (your subconscious) that you longer need protection that all is okay and you are not in danger. Your subconscious is a POWERFUL engine and works continuously to reach its programmed goal… whether that goal is correct or not is not a decision the subconscious makes… it ONLY focuses on the end results.

lemon Curing Allergies With HypnosisI don’t want to lose you here, but just for a moment, quiet your mind, take a breath, relax. Now in your mind’s eye, imagine a lemon. The lemon is bright yellow and inside the pulp is juicy and full of tangy juice. Now… imagine taking a bite of that lemon… see it happening… taste the flavor… imagine the tartness.

If you truly saw that image, your mouth is probably watering, your saliva glands (triggered by your subconscious) are reacting to the mental image. That IS the key and why you can use hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and hypnotherapy to achieve life changing events. Amazing changes even to the doctor who treated you. These positive changes are extremely safe and within a short time, you can stroke the cat, pet the dog, and smell the flowers, all while breathing free and easy.

Skeptical, don’t be; hypnosis has allowed countless thousands to live allergy free lives. Your subconscious controls your bodily functions; what’s that? Simply that your brain controls your body, and (with a bit of training) YOU control your brain and can give positive, life-changing positive suggestions to your subconscious about your allergies. In effect, they can be eliminated.


Poison oak- Wendi Friesen CHT own son was EXTREMELY allergic to poison oak. After she became adept at the use of hypnosis to cure allergies, she explained to him, through hypnosis, that he would no longer suffer allergic reactions. She explained how his brain was incorectly sending allergic signals and he no longer would have allergic reactions to it. This was enforced by saying that there were many other people who no longer became allergic to poison oak, once they realized their brains had been sending the wrong signals.

After approxiamtely one year, when Ms. Friesen mentioned poison oak to her son, he stated it didn’t matter, since he was not alleric to it.

It was at this point she realized he had suffered NO REACTIONS in approximatey one year.

Have you been allergic to something your entire life? It’s possible this is the result of a suggestion heard as a child. An authority figure in our life (probably a parent or relative) may have said something that took root deep in your subconscious mind. It could have been a simple statement…

“Stay away from the cat; you’re allergic to the fur, just like your grandmother”.

That statement was probably said with love, but it took root and became ‘TRUTH’ to your subconscious. In all cases, and magnified as children, our subconscious listens to authority figures; people we love, believe in and respect.

Based on this, (or similar statements), when you are around cats, your subconscious mind believes this is a threat and reacts accordingly. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS. Using hypnosis, you can change the way your mind reacts to cats (or whatever your allergy is) and it will no longer send the signal to produce histamines.

Here’s exactly what’s happening. Your subconscious mind is sending signals to your immune system saying… “hey… there’s an attack coming.. Send out the troops”. When the troops (cells called macrophages) arrive, it’s akin to a full fledged war, killer T cells (battle bots) rush in prepared to inject the (imagined) evil cells with a solution that literally causes a microscopic explosion, that’s the histamine. When that happens, well it’s only natural your body will react; runny nose, eyes that itch, labored breathing. The medical solution; an antihistamine. The better solution; hypnosis. Hypnosis can be used to train your immune system to react correctly.

While on the surface this may seem an impossible task, science proves otherwise. Studies have proven that a placebo, used in a asthma’s suffers inhaler, STILL solved breathing problems. What does that say? That your mind, in many cases is the actual culprit, and your mind can be taught to behave correct. How… (I’m sure you can guess) hypnosis. Using these powerful techniques allergic reactions can often be cured in ONLY one session.

Can this be true, is it really possible? Yes, not only possible, but used everyday across the country and around the world. The key is to bring you to an area of comfort and safety, a place in your mind where no danger, real or imagined can penetrate. No bad thoughts, no allergens, nothing contrary can enter, you are completely protected. Once this area of protection is defined (it easy and natural) the next time you’re confronted with an allergic scenario, your mind will not react with histamines, rather it will feel the comfort, warmth and safety of your protected place.

Does it sound over simple? Actually it’s not. Your subconscious does not know the difference between an actual or imagined event. In your mind, you will not be affected by allergies, you will learn, believe it, and practice it. Your subconscious sees this as REAL… see this as TRUTH. Because of this, you will be free from allergies.


This woman was given the suggestion that she was sitting at home on her favorite couch, immediately following this suggestion, she began to experience a mild asthma attack. I later learned her dogs slept on this couch and it was a contant allergic source for her.

Her mind (proof the subconscious does not know fact from fiction) put her at the couch and she suffered an attack.

Realizing this, it was suggested that she go (in her mind) to a place of comfort and peace, where the air was fresh and she could breathe without difficulty. She placed herself at the seasore, felt the breeze, tasted the salt air, and her airways opened with ease.

Take a moment to ask yourself how your life would be different if you no longer have the allergy. What would change? Is there anything that would happen when the allergy is gone that might create a problem for you?

Take a moment right now to imagine the allergy being gone. Close your eyes and be very honest with yourself. Imagine if the allergy was gone, what negative outcome it might create for you.

Using the power of  YOUR MIND, the world is free, open and everything is within the realm of YOUR possibility.

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2 Responses to “Curing Allergies With Hypnosis”
  1. Ed says:

    I would be curious to know how you can expect to cure hay fever with hypnosis? That’s simply an allergy, a medical condition, I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting out? I’m willing to listen though.

  2. relax says:

    Hey Ed… thanks for the question. Hypnosis in not a cure all, but it is a way to look inside our mind and in many cases what can be accomplished is amazing. While it’s true that some allergies are indeed medical problems, others are completely in your mind. We always encourage any of our students to check with their doctor (or medical professional) to ensure they are healthy and there are no physical problems.

    Hypnosis… fyi… is recognized by the AMA as an effective therapeutic treatment

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