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Derren Brown uses Hypnosis to freeze people! – How to NLP

June 13, 2010 by relax  
Filed under Videos Derren Brown uses hypnosis to freeze people awesome! Take a free course in how to hypnotize people at the link above! Tags: action activist adams afternoon ali alig american and angry animal annoying around austin automatica balls baron beating beckham bible birds blind…

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25 Responses to “Derren Brown uses Hypnosis to freeze people! – How to NLP”
  1. ghostynoises says:

    Ahhh, sheep. We love you, us wolves that is. To think that a mind exists out there that is so easily swayed by speech and presence, is both fascinating and disgusting. Fascinating from a curious point of view. Disgusting because they are also allowed to vote…

  2. tibispeedo says:


  3. 098lakers says:


  4. larkspur says:

    False cause and effect?

    “Even though you know that it’s just a mannequin, you can absolutely imagine that feeling coming from your feet, where your feet are at the moment, rooted into the ground, that maybe you find your eyelids growing heavy and wanting to close.”

    The fact that it’s a mannequin has nothing to do with feelings in one’s feet and eyelids. And he didn’t describe in that sentence what was the specific feeling in one’s feet. Interesting. Wow, hypnotic language is so complicated…

  5. larkspur says:

    @mswagg30 He is much more interesting, yes. :) You could call him a master trickster. He calls himself a “psychological illusionist” and says there is nothing paranormal about what he does. He is a magician, illusionist, and hypnotist and also debunks paranormal claims. Hope you enjoy watching the rest of his clips on Youtube. :) He loves youtube.

  6. vontel says:

    He always says magic doesn’t exist, he also says repeatedly that mind readers don’t exist, you should read his bio.

  7. mswagg30 says:

    i dont know what to think of this guy. ive had no knowledge of him and only started watching his vids here an hour ago. i thought he was the british mindfreak/chris angle. come to find out hes much more interesting. can someone tell me if he clains to be ‘real magic’ or just a master trickster? thx

  8. bullseyegurl says:

    A hypnotist came to my elementary school when I was a kid, and he did something like this to me. I couldn’t move. It was really really scary actually because I wanted to move but I couldn’t. I don’t know if it’d be the same now that I’m older.

  9. Nemesis000000 says:

    You do know hypnosis is a very real thing right?

  10. dxwxa says:

    Excellent. Darren Brown is a master.

  11. 332546 says:

    @2209Shadow its influence, its a psychological technique, look up the BMX bike one, it is kinda the same thing and he explains it

  12. philbio66 says:

    I love how hypnotists continually emphasize that no one? can be hypnotize against their will. What a load of BS.

  13. blebby says:

    Could you be more specific?

  14. amadeuspumper2 says:

    this is cheap hipnosis i wouldnt call it hipnosis at all.

  15. Alinescafe08 says:

    such as bullshit

  16. thanatos32405 says:

    @toSeeThingsClear NLP is a form of hypnosis

  17. TheHammyman59 says:

    i seen this done before..what a load of crap..his hired people wern’t even believable

  18. dcyodcyo says:

    u have to listen to how he says things. he uses embedded commands. eg as u try to un- STICK YOURSELF HARDER AND HARDER to the ground. the unconscious hears the command and takes it if you are in rapport with the practitioner in this case Derren

  19. 2209Shadow says:

    Has any of you seen this in real life? I mean this is hard to belive, why should I be stuck just because he is saying it??
    He didn’t used an induction or something… he was just talking…

  20. rothril says:

    umm anyone else here kind of get stuck in place listening to him?

  21. Jmontastic says:

    @roboboyforprez actually its called trust. if you trust the hypnotizer you’ll do as he says. i believe that was one of the basic foundation of hypnotizing ive researched around google. look it up.

  22. PhilipPorter says:

    No, I don`t want to know how he does it. Most people here pretend to know anyway, I couldn`t give a monkeys. It`s entertaining, mystifying and enthralling and mysteries are important in life.

  23. 509sk8ers says:

    his voice was calming in this video,my feet got stuck to the floor while watching this…lol

  24. Wyzenhu says:

    People with insomnia could use a bit of Derren

  25. roboboyforprez says:

    There are people who are susceptible to hypnosis, they’re called ACTORS.

    Yeah right…

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