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Did hypnosis work for any of you?

June 2, 2014 by relax  
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Question by Jack Bent: Did hypnosis work for any of you?
Hypnosis is not cheap, like $ 80+ per sessions and it’s like the lottery of the practitioner is any good or not..

But did it work for any of you in replacing bad habits or depression? Did the effects last, please tell all.

Please answer if you’ve been to a hypnotist only.

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Answer by kellybuckelew2000
No it did not work for me, he told me I was not receptive to suggestions, and it still cost me….He told me I do not relax enough…which I already knew before I spent the money…thank you

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3 Responses to “Did hypnosis work for any of you?”
  1. Troy Tempest says:

    I’ve tried hypnosis on a few occasions, the effects were very temporary, no more than a few weeks. the last therapist I went to explained there is no ‘trance’ state, the person simply becomes highly suggestible and the person may later reject the hypnotic or posthypnotic suggestions made during the hypnosis session(s).

    If hypnosis was a cure-all for personality problems or mental disorders of whatever nature, it would be a boon to humanity, but it isn’t.

    Tried it for phobias, personality disorders, repressed memory recovery. only worked well for the last purpose.

  2. Donna S says:

    Hypnosis is not a cure all. I use it for lots of things. It takes work to get good at it. I use hypnosis in my practice for relaxation, for stress, pain and to quiet the mind. I use self hypnosis everyday. The more you use it the better it works. It is very important to learn to use it positively. I am not an advocate of hypmotizing people and making suggestions. I don’t believe that works well. I have hypmotized people to stop smoking and they believed it worked for them. I believe they really wanted to quit and they quit. What ever at least they quit and that was thier goal. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that a person can use along with other tools to change bad habits fight depression, deal with health problems, stress and ect. The more you use it in a positive way, forming new beliefs about yourself, saying positive things about yourself, learning to trust yourself, picturing yourself healthy, innergetic, vibrant human being. The old saying is what you see is what you get. My mentor Wayne Dyer says, “What you say about yourself is what expands so now I am very careful what I say.” The more you tell yourself positive things that is what becomes. I found self hypnosis speeds that process up. Change is a process. The first part of the pocess of change is resistance. You want to change something you keep doing it until you like it. That is said often in AA. You will catch yourself saying it isn’t working. This is a crock. That is the resistance. You go through that with anything you do. Taking a walk. You do it diligently for a week then you start missing mornings. Than you realize it’s been a week and a half since you walked. Resistance. If you want change you fight through that resistance and do it no matter what until you like it. It’s hard work change. Doing anything new is hard. Hypnosis is the same way. The more you work at it the better it gets and you will be suprized at the results. Therapy is the same when it gets tough people quit going and they say it wasn’t working when it really is. It gets uncomfortable and then we say it didn’t work. That’s why alcohol treatment is in a inviornment that is closed to help that person get through the resistance. That’s what it is all about. There is no miricle cure. In the end it is your persistance, and work no one elses. Counselors can guide you, give you tools and ideas that will help you work through your resistence but in the end it is you who has to do the work.

  3. Tom R says:

    Hypnosis is real and effective. unfortunately a lot of practitioners are not able or willing to use techniques that will do the job. There are a number of scales that list what can be done and at what level it will happen,the tests to determine level the clients is and in some cases recommendations on how to phrase the suggestions/or how not to phrase it. A typical example is glove anesthesia. if the client is not deep enough the only thing that may happen is the finger start to tingle. The subject may be able to experience anesthesia in trance at regular levels but not out of trance. The only problem with going too deep is the glove may extend clear to the shoulder and the limb be non functional. the situation is easily reversed but it does scare some people. This is a good reason to erase the memory.
    If a practitioner says that light trance is the most beneficial. keep looking. For many things it is correct,for others it will not work. This is one of the reasons why Hypnosis does not work for some people.

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