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Diet with Hypnosis Therapy

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You have difficulty losing weight? Probably way done by the women from Merseyside, England, this could be an alternative choice. After several unsuccessful attempts to do various kinds of diet programs, Marion Corns, finally managed to find a new method to lose weight, that is with hypnosis therapy.

“I’ve tried various different programs to follow a diet and exercise, like taking drugs, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Slim-Fast and even hired a personal trainer. However, none of whom can help, “said Marion.

Until one day the friend told her about a clinic called the Elite Clinic offering hypnosis therapy. The friend recommended a clinic located in Marbela, Spain after he managed to stop the addiction to smoking. Attracted by the success of his friend, Marion was then decided to try to follow these therapies.

In therapy sessions, an expert in hypnosis penetrated, and forced her subconscious mind to believe that he has a severe stomach wound and had to undergo surgery. The therapist also said that current hypnosis Marion small belly like a golf ball longer and will not be able to accommodate the food in large portions. His stomach can only enter the food in very small amounts.

“Strangely, I can remember every step that is passed from any operating procedures that are performed, including at the time of entering the operating room, heard the sound of clinking scalpels and even the smell of anesthetic drugs,” added the mother of three children of this.

For this therapy, 35-year-old woman has cost around 780 pounds just for five meetings. However, the issuance fee is worth the results obtained. Only within a period of four months his weight declined. If earlier he was wearing a dress size 22, after undergoing hypnotic therapy shirt size to 14.

Norfolk man helps you lose weight with the power of your mind
Trying to lose weight after having a baby can be tough, which is why one Norfolk mum decided to lose weight using a virtual gastric band – and it worked! Emma Harrowing catches up with her and the man who helped her lose her baby weight.
Read more on Evening News 24

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