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Do you know any working sleep hypnosis videos?

April 23, 2014 by relax  
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Question by : Do you know any working sleep hypnosis videos?
so i have some trouble sleeping, sometimes its worse than usual sometimes it’s less but
do you know any Hypnosis video that can work, because ive heard of people that id go to a Psychologist of some sort and they had sleeping problems, and now then can sleep as they used to do .
Unfortunately with My student budget i cant afford one now, and i really need sleep because i have 2 exams this week so :/
please help D:

Best answer:

Answer by Charley
Try Fredrick Winters. He has several hypnosis tapes for all different things, you can purchase them on iTunes.

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One Response to “Do you know any working sleep hypnosis videos?”
  1. Michael says:

    This one on youtube should do it nicely:

    You want to use headphones for the sound (not speakers) so the sound channels mix in the brain. If you don’t have headphones, then mute the sound.

    Following all the directions in the visual part of the video will really help your sleep patterns. Be sure to follow it from beginning to end.

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