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do you think hypnosis helps one’s karma?

April 25, 2014 by relax  
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Question by : do you think hypnosis helps one’s karma?
it seems to me that much hypnosis helps the karma within ones mind. but the problem is that i’ve had is that i get lost on the way into a higher karma and hit a wall. people look at me like i’m crazy. how does hypnosis really help and in what way? why is my karma messed up?

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Answer by adime_adozen
Given that karma is the results of actions taken to deviate from your dharma in past lives, I really don’t think that hypnosis is going to help you in any fashion. The only way to improve your karma for future lives is to stick to your dharma in this life and to follow the 8-fold path as accurately as you can.

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One Response to “do you think hypnosis helps one’s karma?”
  1. Rondee says:

    Nope that not how karma works.
    It your actions either good or bad in how it affects you and everyone else.
    Hypnosis won’t help or hurt it.

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