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Does hypnosis for driving fear work?

November 13, 2012 by relax  
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Question by Samy: Does hypnosis for driving fear work?
I have this irrational fear of driving and I’ve tried all sorts of “positive mind talk”. I’ve even forced myself to go out and practice and its been torture every time. I have a good instructure but I’m still paranoid. Its not that I’m a terrible driver…its just that this fear is really distracting and prevents me from putting my heart into it. So I’m wondering if hypnosis will help with this? Does anyone know where I can download any hypnosis audios for free?

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Answer by Tom R
Me thinks that your subconscious differs with your conscious mind. that would be a reasonable reason for the fear. Practice practice and more practice most drivers drive on a less than conscious level just as every one walks on a similar level If you had to think about every movement of every step you could hardly move across a room.
I would not reccomend any hypnosis tapes for driving . Remember that large trucks take no notice of the trance state. little cars don’t either
thump bumb crash -not fun.
If you slip into trance accidently or on purpose makes no differance the pain is all the same.

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One Response to “Does hypnosis for driving fear work?”
  1. Pierce says:

    Any form of fear, be it of driving or anything else, is linked to your sub concious. What hypnosis does is it basically “commands” your mind to ignore any thoughts of fear associated with the particular activity that you find fearful.

    Driving can basically become a subliminal practice that you’re so used to that it no longer invokes any form of emotion.

    You say you have a fear of driving, that is because your sub concious is worried about what might happen even though your concious mind doesn’t realise it. Each time you get into the car you mightn’t think that you will rear end another car, or hit a tree, but your sub concious is thinking that! This is what causes you to have this fear of driving.

    In terms of any free courses that will alleviate this fear , I unfortunately don’t believe you will find any quality hypnosis course that is free of charge. Proper hypnotic courses that will delve into your sub concious and remove this fear do cost money.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars at a psychotherapist to get rid of this fear. I highly recommend Richard Mackenzie’s self hypnosis audio recordings as they contain the exact hypnotic procedures that you can listen to in order to remove your fear of driving.

    I’ve done a review of three of the leading hypnosis products which I encourage you to check out below. Look at my second review for “Richard Mackenzies self hypnosis” and visist his site.

    It costs $ 50 to purchase one of his audio courses, but I guarantee you that it will remove your fear of driving. I recommend you purchase the “anxiety” course if you’re serious about getting rid of this phobia.

    Feel free to message me if you have any further issues.

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