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Does hypnosis for weight loss really work? Is it really that simple?

February 13, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Izzie Scott: Does hypnosis for weight loss really work? Is it really that simple?
I’ve recently came across this website . . . : I started reading and it seems to be a dependable and well-written website. Does hypnosis for weight loss really work?

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Answer by Camaro Hopper
for some people who truly beleive in it, it works

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4 Responses to “Does hypnosis for weight loss really work? Is it really that simple?”
  1. Total-Body-Nutrition says:

    Hi there

    As a Dietitian, I would suggest that if you are utilising hypnosis , that you do so in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan. My knowledge is that it may work but usually only for the duration of the sessions. For the same amount of money you can pay a registered dietitian who can provide education and support with a food plan, recipes, snacks etc.
    for some free weight loss facts check out the site below.

    best of luck
    Total Body Nutrition

  2. B says:

    Yes it will work for most people. My wife used a national company called hypnoslimmer about 9 months ago and has dropped 2 dress sizes !

    She also had there virtual hypno gastric band.

  3. Drew Kidman says:

    Hi! I dont really think that it work, because it is simply the motivational status of the person who want to loss weight, I think the traditional weight loss is better and a recommendation from a certified dietitian or nutritionist. Please visit for more details.

  4. CHU says:

    There are two concepts you need to understand in order to answer this question.

    Firstly, no matter what anybody says, there is only one way to lose weight. You need to create a calorie deficit. That is to say, you need to burn more calories than you consume on a sustainable basis for long term weight loss. A healthy calorie controlled diet and regular exercise is by far the best way to achieve healthy weight loss.

    Secondly hypnosis is a psychological process. It effects thought and associated behaviour not physical appearance. For example there are some who claim you can use hypnosis to change eye colour. This idea that hypnosis alone can cause significant physical change is complete garbage.

    However, as we all know, our attitudes and beliefs do shape our behaviour. Obesity is caused by poor diet and lack of exercise. This is a behaviour that many people find extremely difficult to break. All too often people enthusiastically start dieting but struggle to maintain it and soon return to the behaviour that is causing their obesity. To this extent their physical appearance is directly related to their behaviour.

    Therefore weight loss hypnosis can help you to address the attitudes and beliefs that cause you to over eat and avoid healthy exercise. Furthermore it can encourage you to adopt a more “health focused” attitude and this can support your will power and determination to succeed. This is vital for healthy weight loss.

    Consequently, in answer to your original question, hypnosis for weight loss can help you maintain your will power and can address any problematic behaviours that cause excessive weight gain. However you will still need to create that calorie deficit yourself through maintaining a healthy calorie controlled diet and regular exercise. Hypnosis itself can not directly cause you to lose weight but can greatly support your own effort to do so. Essentially it can make your will power stronger and change you attitude towards healthy eating and exercise

    I you are interested in knowing more about the conversational hypnosis then go to

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