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does hypnosis for weight loss work?

May 18, 2007 by relax  
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hypnosis74 does hypnosis for weight loss work?
summer asked:

how long does it take and how does it work? if it even does work. any information would be helpful

How Hypnosis Works
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5 Responses to “does hypnosis for weight loss work?”
  1. punk_pie790 says:

    Does Hypnosis Work

    go to youtube and type in something like – Weight loss hypnosis
    you will see clips of stuff like that
    i heard it really does work!

  2. jzangel says:

    Persuasion Hypnosis

    Check this out first….

    Please go to earth clinic and check out there testimonials on AVC (apple cider vinegar). You may be amazed at how many people both women and men have lost weight and inches……

  3. Sid says:

    Seduction Hypnosis

    Of course it works. hypnosis can work for some annoying prob. like Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Gaining Unlimited Confidence And Motivation! .There is a free guide from you can learn about it if u are interested than please contact me at:-

  4. ori.shefer says:

    How Hypnosis Works

    You definitely can use hypnosis for weight loss. But you have to know that even with a hypnotist it takes more than two to three sessions, unlike dealing with smoking, for example. How you do it? You can start with aversion to chocolate, for example, and this alone is an easy task. Learning to refrain from eating too much is much harder but in 5-7 sessions you can deal with also. However hypnosis is a dexterity that you must train. Even if you go to a hypnotist you will have to work at home. And after a successful weight loss you need maintenance – if you really want it you can get your lost pounds. So I truely suggest you to learn about hypnosis and to experience it before you go to a hypnotist just to make things easier in his clinic. And of course you can find materials for self hypnosis designed expecially for weight loss. See for example the books reviewed in .
    Good luck!

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