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Does hypnosis really exist?

July 20, 2008 by relax  
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hypnosis76 Does hypnosis really exist?
vutheaveng1111111 asked:

Just speaking to a person for a while and that person will obey your command; where and what you want he or she to go or do, that one will complete your order.

Persuasion Hypnosis
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4 Responses to “Does hypnosis really exist?”
  1. rdeck87 says:

    Lose Weight Hypnosis

    It depends on if you allow your mind to be open to suggestion. I have used hypnosis in a very mild way in my psychology class. We had to relax and and imagine our arms being pulled up by balloons. It took about 10-15 mintues but it worked on me.

  2. marine52 says:

    How Hypnosis Works

    Hypnotism does exist, one has to be succeptable and it has to be done in the right environment. It is not the way you make it sound. Research clinical hypnosis.

  3. Spammy S says:

    Seduction Hypnosis

    If a person is susceptible to hypnosis this can work. Generally it is more difficult to get someone to do something they really wouldn’t do normally. Most hypnosis is used in psychotherapy to assist people in making changes more quickly by helping them to believe they can make the changes they wish to make.

  4. *Glamorous* says:

    How Hypnosis Works

    I heard it exists but you need to have a lot of concentration to do it and you really need to be focused. It didn’t work for me.

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