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Does Hypnosis Really Work?

March 23, 2011 by relax  
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Hypnosis does indeed work and is used widely by many therapists to help people overcome phobias, lose weight, stop smoking and discontinue bad habits. Anyone can be hypnotized but some will be more susceptible to this trance like state than others. The hypnotic state is one that is trancelike and the actual word hypnosis is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘nervous sleep’. This is actually incorrect because when a person is hypnotized they are in state of consciousness that is difficult to define. Hypnotized people are aware yet unaware and their minds can be manipulated by the hypnotist. Suggestion is used while people are hypnotized for therapy to quit bad habits smoking, or other healing as mentioned above. So yes, the answer to does hypnosis really work is a positive one.

Why is there so much secrecy around hypnosis?

Many consider hypnosis a form of brainwashing and are totally against any form of hypnosis for this reason. In a hypnotized state a person is not fully in control of them selves and can thus be manipulated. You will also find that although there is tons of information it is difficult to really find out the true ways of learning how to hypnotize people because it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Underground Hypnosis course are available but they will not come cheap for obvious reasons. It takes dedication to learn hypnosis techniques and this is a skill that must be used responsibly. A master hypnotist can hypnotize susceptible people quickly using underground hypnosis techniques and the average person can also learn self hypnotism to better their quality of life. Considering the above paragraph the answer does hypnosis really work is once again yes it certainly does.

Is self hypnosis effective and what is underground Hypnosis?

Many people have used self hypnosis to achieve their goals in sports, get promotions at work, better their health and well being and improve their relationships.  Underground hypnosis is a combination of hypnosis techniques, NLP Seduction, and asocial engineering that makes it possible to influence people. Underground hypnosis stirred a huge controversy a while ago and this is the reason that it has become a course that only a select few can get their hands on if they know where to find it. This hypnosis technique was also labeled black ops hypnosis, brainwashing, and was even labeled a scam. Those that invested in underground hypnosis will tell you otherwise but will rather keep mum about it. Hypnosis can be used to better your life and if you are shy, lack self confidence or an under achiever then you will do well to invest in learning covert underground hypnosis. Does underground hypnosis really work you will ask. To this question the answer is to find out for your self.

Off the Track Hypnosis 

Information on hypnosis is vague and this is how the experts want to make it seem. When you read the many articles on hypnosis they will make it sound like it is not really worth pursuing. This is something they want everyone to believe and they have convinced people that hypnosis is not really something special and useless to the average person anyway. Interesting don’t you think?

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