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Does hypnosis work and how long does it last?

June 18, 2012 by relax  
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Question by Teshadie: Does hypnosis work and how long does it last?
Can a person be hypnotized to not be annoyed by a particular noise? Where do you find a legitimate hypnotist?

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Answer by Mutile
Hypnotism like all the other new age crap is total bunk.

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5 Responses to “Does hypnosis work and how long does it last?”
  1. she wants to _know says:

    i would like to know as well……..

  2. M R says:

    Hypnotism is not new age, it is age old.
    My experience with it was as an aid to try to quit smoking…it did not work!

  3. Tom R says:

    The use of hypnotism dates backs thousands of years perhaps a lot longer but there is documentation that goesback at least that far.

    a person can be desensitized to a particular sound in fact possibly to not hear the sound .

    you gave no information about where you live but most larger communities have a newspaper covering alternative healing. You are looking for someone who practices classical hypnosis, Erickisonian hypnosis or NLP.

  4. ori.shefer says:

    Hypnosis is actually narrowing your focus. Being too sensitive to noises in general (people talking when you work for example) or only to one specific noise means that you are not relaxed. In the process of hypnosis you turn your attention to inside or to one object and lose your interest in anything else. When you see people looking like zombies when hypnotized there have not gone unconscious – they simply lost interest in anything but what there are focusing on. After lots of training you can even get immune to pain and go to surgery without anesthetics (this really happens). Later on you learn to connect the ability to ignore noise that you have in hypnotic sessions with a feeling that can be triggered anytime. I suggest you to read more on self hypnosis in for exapmle.

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