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Does hypnosis work? Did you try it?

December 18, 2008 by relax  
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hypnosis63 Does hypnosis work? Did you try it?
ret340 asked:

Have you ever used hypnosis to help you acheive a goal? I’d like to try it for weight loss. Actually, I’d like to use it to help me “believe” I love working out and going to the gym. I’d also like it to make me believe I prefer healthy foods over my favorite junk foods.
Last but not least. If it works for getting fit I’d try it to quit smoking.
If you’ve ever tried hypnosis can you tell me how effective it was? Who performed the procedure? I’d love to hear your details and recommendations. Thanks!

Does Hypnosis Work
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4 Responses to “Does hypnosis work? Did you try it?”
  1. coldgreyash says:

    The Master Method of Hypnosis

    I had a friend who did it for smoking and it totally worked – she smoked almost 2 packs a day for like 15 years and she went to a certified hypnotherapist 3 times and couldn’t stand to look at a ciggarette anymore!

    I’ve heard it works on loosing weight and I’d love to try it as well.

    good luck

  2. Mr. me says:


    Hypnosis does work,better on some then on others.
    Some are more susceptible to hypnosis then others because of the way there brain perceives things.Try getting hypnotized by a professional to see if it works,but be carefull being hypnotized isn’t for every 1 you may not like it.Some think hypnotism is magic,but its really just a sort of psychology.It is possible to be placed under a mild state of hypnosis by simple talking to some one.

  3. How Hypnosis Works

    ,i know 3 people that used hypnosis to quit smoking 2 it worked for 1 it did not. the 1 it did not work for was a very high strung type A personality. the person who did the procedure was a licensed therapist, not just someone out of the yellow pages. they took several counseling classes first then the hypnosis treatment

  4. Nicole says:

    Does Hypnosis Work

    I don’t no anyone personally, but I heard it is very effective.

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