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Does hypnosis work to rid you of phobias?

May 21, 2011 by relax  
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Question by xshootxawayx: Does hypnosis work to rid you of phobias?
I understand it depends on how much you believe in it… and I fancy myself as a believer… but does it actually work?

I have this intense fear of choking induced by anxiety and I’ve been having difficulty eating for the last few months.

Will hypnosis snap me out of this stupid phobia and get me back to normal?

I’ve had this before and it lasted around a year… and it went away for 6 years, but now it’s back!

Best answer:

Answer by The Flying Bilbey
Hypnosis was used as the sole means of

pain control in India 1800 +

Sure basically first of all the procedure relaxes the body

then the mind until it is in alpha rhythm state.

It may get you to imagine your feared object as a

funny small mouse… and you as a brave warrior/ress.

With repetition and a touch of humour it makes you

more relaxed around feared object and changes your associations

about it… this becomes experience with time.

Good Luck.

The Flying Bilbey.

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One Response to “Does hypnosis work to rid you of phobias?”
  1. Kermit J says:

    I know that it works on a percentage of the population. I have a friend who never smoked again. Don’t know about phobias, but it’s worth a shot.

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