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Does self hypnosis work or make things worse?

February 29, 2012 by relax  
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Question by maroon maroon: Does self hypnosis work or make things worse?
I’ve been meaning to try self-hypnosis to overcome shyness, social fear, and lack of motivation.

Has anyone tried it and know a good site to start with?

Or is any of you is aware of any minus points of the technique, please share it with me here…such as, does it become a crutch or addiction? ‘Cos I just don’t want to end up being unable to do anything without hypnosis! :-/

I’d appreciate any info and experience you can share. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Umesh Sharma
Self hypnosis is completely workable to certain extent. You would like to overcome your shyness, social fear and lack of motivation. The first step is to start with your inside clock to activate by auto-suggestion while on bed for sleep. Repeat it that “I will wake up at ‘time you prefer’ with normal voice for 5-10 times and then say “I would wake up at ‘Time’ with your eyes closed in very low voice and in your mind. You must get the result within the same night if you are sensitive, otherwise it may takes few days. On getting success, you work on shyness or any other topic, but do it one by one and your suggestive language must be polite and positive.

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2 Responses to “Does self hypnosis work or make things worse?”
  1. Max says:

    Hi Maroon,

    I have tried self-hypnosis for dental work and it worked but that is cos I am a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP consultant.

    Q) Does is work?
    A) Yes self-hypnosis can work for you.

    Q) Is there any side effects?
    A) If done correctly there are no side effects.

    Q) Is it addictive?
    A) Hypnosis is not addictive but it needs to be recorded correctly.

    Q) How to deal with shyness, social fear and lack of motivation?
    A) The issues above are linked in one way or another, I would suggest to start with the most easiest one first. For example if you had come to see me as a client, I would learn what has to happen before you develop shyness and start work with lack of motivation and then shyness which will automatically resolve social fear.

    If you want to try out self-hypnosis, I would suggest to read up on NLP (Neuro-linguist programming) as it is the language you will be speak to yourself. NLP is a positive re-framing language.

    Be positive
    Be polite to yourself
    Be honest
    Keep a calm voice when recording a session for yourself
    Record that this recording is only a tool to help the subconscious mind to help the conscious mind and with every time you listen to it, you become more and more powerful and don’t feel the need to listen to it as you did yesterday
    Use the word ‘I’ while recording your session i.e. I believe in myself, I know I can do this etc

    I hope this helps and answers your question.

  2. Mike says:

    Hey Maroon,

    You can find a lot of free information on how to hypnotize yourself but NONE of it has ever worked for me. I’m sure after you spend some time looking at it you’ll find the same.

    The problem with a local therapist is that it’s too expensive and often times these guys are just not that great.

    I’ve looked for and found some good hypnosis resources on the Internet and am happy with them. They are recordings made by professional hypnotists.

    You should give that a try. I like the Hynpotic Laws one the best.

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