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Easiest Way Learning Hypnosis by Self

January 7, 2011 by relax  
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If you go to any hypnosis conventions or merely try and find some info about self hypnosis, most likely you will find one question that is generally asked by folks who are new to self hypnosis. I attempted to follow the step by step instructions from the self hypnosis CDs that I acquired, but the result was minimal at best. It was like there’s a concealed wall blocking my method of entering. At that point, I thought I just needed some more practice. But, for some reason I kept having the same issue, until I finally found out the genuine reasons behind it.

Do you also encounter the same problem? Have you been trying hard to reach this state with minimal result? Don’t fret, basically it’s not that difficult to do, when you understand these concepts that I am about to tell you.

Willingness to be hypnotized. First, you have to understand the instructions the hypnotist provides in the self hypnosis CDs are only guides to assist you in entering the state. But at the end, your willingness to be hypnotized is extremely crucial in deciding your ability to go into the state. So, before starting your session, decide that you actually want to try this from the base of your heart.

Elimination of fear. Fear can stop you from being able to enter the state. Essentially it’s inversely correlated with your capability to enter the state. The more intense the fear, the more difficult it’s for you to enter a state of hypnosis. Try to find good and reliable data about what self hypnosis is and what it can truly do for you. This can get rid of the hidden fears and misconception that you might have inside you.

Three. When we chat about the subject of self hypnosis, the common knowledge that folks have is that to be in a position to enter a state of hypnosis, you have to be physically relaxed. It is true that one of the characteristics of someone under hypnosis is physical relaxation. But, when your body is physically relaxed, it does not mean you are in a state of hypnosis.

Try different induction methods. One of the most commonly used techniques to bring you into a state of hypnosis is commonly known as progressive relaxation / fractional relaxation. Using this strategy, you are asked to progressively relax your body from head to toe. This technique is really only suitable for certain sort of folks. If you find that this system is not effective for you, try to use different induction techniques. A good writer of self hypnosis CDs usually combine several systems to make it easier for you to enter the state.

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