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Fear during hypnosis?

May 25, 2014 by relax  
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Question by Lala: Fear during hypnosis?
Hi, I was hoping that someone would have some information about a recent experience I had, or perhaps you’ve experienced something similar?

I was recently hypnotized for the first time by a friend (an amateur, of course). I behaved normally during the hypnosis until told to imagine myself walking down a hallway. I was fine at first, then I started feeling panic and began to cry. After I had calmed down a bit, I was told to imagine opening a door and stepping through. I managed to open the door, but could not make myself step through and began to cry again and feel fear. Beyond the door was just swirling blackness. At this point my friend helped me come out of the hypnotic state and I felt better, albeit slightly shaken.

What could this mean? Should I continue hypnosis sessions with a professional? If anyone else has had this experience, what were the results of any further sessions? My friend is reluctant to put me back under hypnosis since he has not encountered this sort of thing with those under hypnosis before.

Thank you for your time!

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Answer by TobyF
This sounds like subconscious resistance. You may have a repressed memory that the subconscious is protecting you from, and the corridor and door reminded it of in some way. Your friend didn’t force you through it so there is probably no harm done.

Should you consult a professional? Well everyone has repressed memories, but some people have ones that cause them problems. In general do you suffer from excessive anxiety, a phobia or panic attacks? If so then by all means consult a professional. If you feel fine generally then there is no need. There is a slight chance that you could develop some anxiety symptoms, if so then consult a professional.

As for your friend, perhaps he should learn a bit more. This bit is for him… At the start of the sessions he could tell people to go to a safe place (of their choice), and get them to describe it. Then tell them they can return to it at any time if they need to.Then take them elsewhere for the rest of the session. If the person shows three lots of resistance (or a big one) take them back to their safe place then wake them up. If someone encounters a bad memory or gets very emotional (an abreaction), tell them to let it fade and return to the safe place. Do not encourage people to go back in time to their childhood.

A professional therapist can handle abreaction in a different way that allows the release of the trapped emotion, but i’m not going to explain that here.

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One Response to “Fear during hypnosis?”
  1. hypnosharon says:

    There could be a couple of reasons.

    You may have had an expectation that you would feel panic. This could have been due to preconceptions about hypnosis being frightening or you being worried about what you might experience under hypnosis, you may have walked along a similar corridor in the past and felt panic so you related the same feeling to it or you may have interpreted the suggestions your friend was giving you into the fact that it would be a situation that you wouldn’t like.

    Were you just being asked to walk along a hallway or was there an expectation that it would take you somewhere? If you thought it was taking you somewhere you didn’t want to go then it’s not really surprising you would feel panic.

    Alternatively, if you have never experienced hypnosis before and aren’t sure what to expect then you might have got concerned when you felt that you were being hypnotised and didn’t know what would happen next. You may have been concerned that because your friend is an amateur something might go wrong.

    If you feel uncomfortable about the experience or would like to have a more pleasant experience of hypnosis then I would definitely recommend seeing a professional so that you can put your mind at rest.

    I wouldn’t be too concerned. When I hypnotise my clients I always make sure that they experience a good place first so that their first experience of hypnosis is a pleasant one and I work quite interactively so I know what my clients is experiencing. Even so I have had some clients who have been upset by that experience because it reminded them of how far away that lovely experience is from their every day life. A fully trained hypnotist will make sure that they understand how to react to a situation where a client has an unpleasant experience and so turn it into a positive one.

    I had a situation last week where a client took herself to a very bad time in her life and was scared but I brought her back to the pleasant place she had experienced previously so she left feeling more comfortable and in the next session I used a slightly different approach. I have to say though that this type of thing doesn’t happen very often.

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