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Future Sight or Hypnosis?

May 31, 2014 by relax  
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Question by Brennen: Future Sight or Hypnosis?
Well I was in the Elite 4 LeveLing up my Gardevoir and then it said that it could learn Hypnosis, but I just can’t decide if I should forget Future Sight to learn it or if I should just keep Future Sight >-<
(In case you're wondering her move-set is "Thunderbolt - Psychic - Calm Mind - Future Sight" and I was thinking about getting rid of Thunderbolt but I actually use it a lot and Psychic only have 10 PP, but then I realized that Hypnosis only has 60 Acc. so it'll miss quite a bit but at the same time it could be a battle changer, although Future Sight is really good whenever Gardevoir is about to die and since she has really high Speed I normally get to hit first making me able to use Future Sight and it'll give me a major advantage >-< I'll give Best Answer to the Best Answer of course<3

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Answer by Jungwon
Future sight

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One Response to “Future Sight or Hypnosis?”
  1. Sid says:

    Future sight can be annoying because it takes so long for the move to attack and if you take out the pokemon that you wanted to attack it on and the next isn’t weak to psychic moves, it’s kind of a wasted turn. I wouldn’t delete thunderbolt for hypnosis because then you’ll have 2 psychic moves and will limit who you can attack…I’d say learn hypnosis because it will help you more!

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