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has anybody used hypnosis to cure depression?

June 1, 2013 by relax  
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Question by minstrelboy: has anybody used hypnosis to cure depression?
i’ve tried several different antidepressants, as well as other alternatives, but it seems that it just gets harder to deal with. the antidepressants actually made me feel a lot worse. i was just wondering if anybody has personally used hypnosis to cure any ailments, and if so, could you tell me about it?

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Answer by Lava
Yeah bought some cds online and used i don’t say they are totally waste because they at least ‘motivate’ you in a positive way to buster depression….

after that we start thinking positive but takes cure but surely they help to some extent……

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4 Responses to “has anybody used hypnosis to cure depression?”
  1. George P. N says:

    in general you can not cure a depression but you ca make it less heavy. In the depressions that occur in the Autumn or spring you can try it with hypnosis , in other cases you have to find another way

  2. The Eskimo says:

    I don’t have depression and I’ve never even heard of hypnosis used to cure depression. BUT, I do know a way that works with no possible side effects, MEDITATION. Just sit down on a calm night on a nice soft pillow. Sit cross-legged and hold down your pointer finger (ego) down with your thumb. Place your hands on your knees. Sit with your back straight (you can also sit in a chair.) Focus on your breathing. Repeat this mantra ham on the inhale and sah on the exhale (pronounced ha-am, sa-ah.) Also just watch your thoughts, don’t get pulled in to them. Just watch them come and go, neither reject them nor accept them, just let them be. I really hope that this cures your depression.

    Good luck,

  3. cosmic_beads says:

    I had hypnosis to quit smoking and it worked well – I think it would be beneficial for you but you have to go to a proper psychologist to have it done. Good luck – I think its a great idea.

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