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Has anyone have an experience with hypnosis they can share?

September 30, 2011 by relax  
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Question by sonikbaby2000: Has anyone have an experience with hypnosis they can share?
I am going to goto a hypnotherapist and was wondering if anyone else has experiences they can share about hypnosis.

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Answer by Haley+Stephanie!
Most people do not remember the hypnosis they go through but you will not do anything that you wouldnt do under normal circumstances, in order to be fully hypnotized you need to trust the hypnotist and then they can make you perform almost superhuman tasks but nothing you wouldn’t do under a normal state.

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One Response to “Has anyone have an experience with hypnosis they can share?”
  1. Jessica J. Wallert says:

    I can give you both points of view. I am a certified hypnotherapist. Prior to me getting certified, I had hypnosis done for a phobia. Obviously, I was apprehensive at first, like you. After the session was over, I didn’t even think I had been hypnotized. It almost felt like day dreaming. Have you ever driven your car and then forgot driving from point A to point B? That’s similiar to how it feels. Now that I gave you my experience as a client, I can give you my experience as a hypnotherapist.
    When I have a new client, the first session is typically an hour and a half. The first 45 minutes is generally spent going over their intake form and getting a clear understanding of the issue that they are experiencing. Together we set a goal that is attainable to the client. I might do some suggestability tests to see how well my client can be hypnotized and what steps that I need to take. After that we do hypnosis. I typically have the client lay down and get comfortable. I have them relax and start to play soft, tranquil music. I then start the hypnosis process. This typically takes about a half an hour. After the hypnosis is finished, we sit down and discuss post hypnotic suggestions and decide whether we need another appointment to follow up. I hope that answers your questions. In the link you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers of people prior to hypnosis. I wish you the best of luck!!!

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