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Has anyone out there had success with hypnosis to quit smoking?

April 6, 2013 by relax  
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Question by LegalEnviroGuy: Has anyone out there had success with hypnosis to quit smoking?
Of course I wish I never picked that first cigarrette up, but I want to quit and have heard great things about hypnosis. Have any of you quit that way? The pills and patch didn’t help me at all. Thanks.

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Answer by muaythaigreat
took 2 times but worked

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6 Responses to “Has anyone out there had success with hypnosis to quit smoking?”
  1. roy_marzoed says:

    it is not work for me….

  2. Like a rolling stone says:

    I tried hypnosis. Had a cigarette a day or two later. I’m up to about 25 cigarettes a day now. The patches broke me out in hives. There is a procedure (sorry but I have forgotten the name) that they give you a shot in the ear. I understand that this has a good success ratio. Good luck…

  3. neesa176 says:

    My dad did and it totally worked for him. He was on over a pack a day. I remember as a kid he would have one in his mouth and then when it was nearly finished he would take another out of his pack and light it off the one he had in his mouth. Bad chainer. Anyway when he was hypnotised at first he would just light them for his girlfriend and then he just completely stopped after a week. He chain smoked for at least 10 year and now his given up for at least 15 years I think.
    I know another lady who was hypnotised but it didn’t work as well. Her hypnotist told her that if she smoked it would taste so disgusting. She said she got to the point she was so desperate to have one she was bawling her eyes out. Her brother told her to have one ‘cos’ it was all in her head. So anyway she did and it was fine. She kept smoking. She died of emphysema two years ago.
    So whichever way you quit just QUIT!!! Goodluck

  4. mad_mick001 says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m still sucking on the filthy damned things, and the patches don’t work for me either. They should come in industrial strength!
    No personal experience with hypnotherapy (though I’ve considered doing it myself) but both my physiotherapist and his receptionist have done it. The physio left his cigarettes on the front step before his session and hasn’t had a smoke in nearly five years. The receptionist had one session and was OK for 10 months, but “fell off the waggon” when she was having drinks at a Christmas party! The hypnotherapist they saw has a “warranty” deal and she got a second session as part of the initial charge and she too has been off the things since then, too. Then again, they weren’t in the 40-60 per day range as I am but one day I’ll get the balls to do a session or three and see what happens!

    Give it a shot, what, other than emphysema and that hacking cough do you have to lose?! Good luck with it!

  5. Made_in_America says:

    It didn’t work for me. Nor did acupuncture, the patch, nicorette, or those shots you get in the nose which are “guaranteed to work” (yeah, right). I’m going to try the American Cancer Society support groups next.

  6. Porterhouse says:

    I was able to quit for a year, I decided to start again because of my lifestyle… construction work and cold beer on Fridays… ebing single without kids also factored into my decision…. OK… What worked for me and this sounds strange, but you need to get a trusted female friend (or vice versa) to promise to kick you full stride in the crotch if you pick up or even look funny at a cigarette. After about the first month, I started to feel a lot better and stuck with my own will power to keep smoke free. I felt that I was ready to quit, but not entirely ready to, which is why I started again, I made a concious decision to.

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