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Has anyone tried hypnosis on a child?

September 6, 2007 by relax  
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hypnosis70 Has anyone tried hypnosis on a child?
Sanettea M asked:

My brother has a bad behavioral problem.His performance in school is low.Neither parent has ever had any type of problems.I did good in school so why is he so bad?Anyway some people find it strange that Big sis would consider hypnosis in stead of all these med’s.Poppin pills has never been a good idea for a child with these types of problems.We have tried all the things the school admin has suggest but not once have they suggest this.Please understand I am just looking to see if someone can help me with understanding hypnosis for a child.I have read that they are more likely to accept this b/c they are kids.Help me please b/c I am about to do that same thing my mom did cut off her hair b/c we are tired and have no other way but to drug him.The doctors said this was the best.I dont think so until I find out more on this.Also can I get some referrals please.(NC)

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3 Responses to “Has anyone tried hypnosis on a child?”
  1. Lisa says:

    Does Hypnosis Work

    Wow, please do NOT hypnotize your child, you have no idea what the results would be!! Please try behavior therapy or counciling first. And drugs should be a very LAST resort. Usually, if you examine the circumstances in the child’s life and what their emotional needs are, you can work at resolving behavioral issues.

  2. arely a says:


    wow!!!like i’m confused, i have some advice for you though!so i have a little brother and he’s 10 years old, he has some type of disability and does really bad at school, he’s like flunking everything and gets detentions and homework notices, he’s been sick since he was little like a little baby and right now we’re just trying to help him out and be there for him, i love him and a few weeks ago i decided to help him with his homework, i used to be really unpatient but i thought about it and i decided to be patient for once so i was patient for a week and helped him and that same week, he took a test and got an “A”. I was so happy and i realized that all i had to do was be patient! So im asking u 2 b patient with your little brother, dont drug your little brother, i understand that your going through something hard but be patient and if the doctor said that was the best choice you had right now, then do it but think about what you want and what’s best for your little brother!

  3. Jenn P says:

    How Hypnosis Works

    My son went thro a time with some probs at school. I would try anything but pills! You are a good sister. I have a brother that is 12yrs younger than me and I would also do anything for him!Counselling is wonderful if you find the right person to do it. even something small like you spending more time with him might help. I know how hard it can be sometimes tho, just finding the time…but he is worth it.I have never used hypnosis on any of my children but i would be willing to if it would help with out pills!

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