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Has anyone used hypnosis to find a lost item? Did it work? ?

January 28, 2013 by relax  
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Question by sickofbeingsick: Has anyone used hypnosis to find a lost item? Did it work? ?
We lost our camera and can NOT find it anywhere. Does hypnosis work to find a lost item? What do you do? How much does it cost? How many sessions does it take?
My husband, son and myself. I don’t think my son could be included in that factor-he doesn’t touch the camera ever. Thank you!

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Answer by Tom R
Yes this will work. You need a hypnotist that can do age regressions and understands how to prevent fantasies from becoming psudofacts. I have done hundreds of these and the results were more than 85% positive.
You should keep in mind that there may be another person involved and that is why there is a 15% error rate in some cases the error rate may be much Higher.
you did not mention where you lived so I have not got a clue how much it would cost but it should not take more than two sessions probably one.
you said We lost -how many people are involved.
It would be advisable to include the son . You did not give the age but if he is over six-eight yo you can not exclude him. besides he will be the easiest to work with

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  1. Paul Myles says:

    You can do this yourself using something called ideodynamic signalling. This technique is used by hypnotherapists to set up a biofeedback mechanism with your unconscious mind, (the part of your mind that knows where the camera is).

    Here’s how:

    You’ll need to make or find a pendulum; a piece of string with some kind of weight on the end, a ring works well. Note the string or chain of the pendulum should be roughly between 6 to 10 inches.

    The pendulum acts to amplify tiny micro muscle movements that your subconscious will be controlling.

    Hold the pendulum by the chain between your thumb and finger, allowing your elbow to rest on a surface somewhere.

    Ask your unconscious mind for a signal for ‘Yes’, now watch the pendulum whilst thinking ‘yes’ in your mind and watch as a slight swing or rotation appears. Remember the direction of swing or rotation and then ask for a different signal for ‘No’. Again focus on the pendulum and wait for the movement.

    Now you have a signal for ‘Yes’ and a different one for ‘No’. You can test it by asking questions you definitely know the answer to; ‘Am I a man?’ etc.

    You can now begin to ask Yes or No questions to your unconscious mind about your camera.

    ‘Does my unconscious mind know where the camera is?”

    “Is it in my house?”

    “Is it in my bedroom?”

    And so on.

    This same technique can be used for all sorts of purposes, for example, making big decisions; Do I really want to do this or that? Should I buy this car? etc Hope you find it useful.

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