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Has anyone used hypnosis to help with anxiety?

June 24, 2012 by relax  
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Question by T H: Has anyone used hypnosis to help with anxiety?
Has anyone used hypnosis to help with anxiety or with a social phobia?

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Answer by hippomaiden
I saw this awesome episode of Mythbusters (on the Discovery channel) about this topic. Apparently there are special clinics that use hypnosis to help people overcome phobias, and when the Mythbusters crew was interviewing the people working in them, they said that they were very popular and that the techniques worked well. They tried to hypnotize several of the crew members to help them with their individual fears, but none of them were able to be hypnotized. The hypnotists’ explanation for this was that the majority of people could be hypnotized, but about 10 percent of people could not. Good question!

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