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help, does hypnosis work, i need 2 get rid of my shyness?

April 27, 2014 by relax  
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Question by lantanique: help, does hypnosis work, i need 2 get rid of my shyness?
Im really shy and i want 2 get over it
my dad keeps recomending karate
idk y, he says it will give me more self-asteem
i want 2 know if hypnosis would help with my shyness, 2 get rid of it, or 2 not care what others think

how much is it?

if u have any other ideas 2 get rid of my shyness, plesse tell me

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Answer by mjfrogmj
karata gives a lot of people self asteem because they know they can kick a hole in u

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9 Responses to “help, does hypnosis work, i need 2 get rid of my shyness?”
  1. Am smarter than you look says:

    Id go wth ur father..karate is better than hypnosis

  2. jakestone1231 says:

    yes it does work, also another way of getting rid of shyness is to start some sort of performing arts such as acting/singing etc… that will improve your shyness alot!

  3. karen t says:

    If you have low self esteem that doesn’t help. I was never shy till I had kids and gave up work and lost my confidence now its terrible.
    Hypnosis works on some and not on others, self esteem works for everyone.

  4. Tracy says:

    i used to be shy because it mattered to me what others thought and all that nonsense. but i duno i got over it and i really just don’t care anymore. you just have to be comftorable in your skin. like yourself and not let anybody get to you. (also, i don’t see how karate would help.. i took it when i was younger and it didn’t change me at all)

  5. Dr P says:


    Well done for looking for ways to help you bear this phobia.

    Hypnosis can work for some people, but it can just support other strategies that you have learnt. There are some EXCELLENT self help books out there, try the one shown in my link at the bottom, several people I have worked with have found it very helpful!

    Dr P

  6. Jimmy N K says:

    Girl, Hypnosis is ancient methods to put crucial information into someone’s head, ancient brains and nowadays brain is not the same, our brain is now in complicated ways of thinking, information comes so fast and world changes in seconds. Hypnosis is not the way. Shyness is not a desease, it is just habit that someones bulid to determine that they want to be left alone. Ask yourself, do you want to be alone? ask yourself why you don’t want to socialize with your friends in your ages and start to let anyone know you as you are. When you get out of your shyness once, you’ll never return, why? because you’ll enjoy the world without shame,and found new things that world is worth to enjoy with so much expression. Sports like Karate, aerobics, helps you to comunicate with people, because this sports is held with many people involved, it is a good place to start.

  7. rmsroxy77 says:

    I’m not sure if hypnosis works, but there are other ways to get over shyness and low self-confidence.

    You have to force yourself on it, really. You have pretend you’re confident until you are. I have seen some really really…pretty much ugly girls, and they have acted like they know they are so hott, and they acted as if they were just gorgeous–and everyone believed them.
    For most people, people think of you what you think of yourself.

    Force yourself to be in uncomfortable situations where you have to attempt to be outgoing, and even when it doesn’t work out perfectly every time, keep trying. Don’t get down on yourself, just make yourself more outgoing and think to yourself that you ARE gorgeous and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

    You don’t have to pay money to lose your shyness–if you work hard at it, you can usually lose it in a few yearss, with some practice. Good luck.

  8. professionaleccentric says:

    You probably need psychotherapy which might INCLUDE hypnosis.

  9. deva_lokii2 says:

    It DEFINETLY does, I have done hypnosis to overcome shyness and even physical things. If you would like to chat on AOL/AIM about i’m on there my screenname is devalokii I will teach you how to do it

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