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How affective is hypnosis on girls and the average person?

July 24, 2012 by relax  
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Question by : How affective is hypnosis on girls and the average person?
I’m 13 and was just curious is hypnotizing people a real state of talent or is it just being able to get somebody to believe you at your abilities. ???

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Answer by ars
say something that unthinkable and make him/her to says YES three times then all her Bodies and Soul is Yours icon razz How affective is hypnosis on girls and the average person?

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5 Responses to “How affective is hypnosis on girls and the average person?”
  1. bluestar says:

    This question comes up frequently. Hypnosis has been practiced for over a century at least. It is a learned ability. You might find information under mesmerizing. If you are thinking of using some mental trick to get a girlfriend or otherwise, try personality and kindness to make friends. Leave the magic until you are older except for those magic kits and books. Search hypnotism, charisma, mesmer, mesmerizing, persuasion, and you will find much good information. To chose a topic for research is a good goal. To choose a ploy to fool people is not ethical. Just sayin’

  2. gizbo. says:

    Don’t go there….avoid it. You don’t need brainwashing. It is an old weapon that the west adopted from hitler and the Chinese called Neuro linguistic transformation…there is enough propaganda around you don’t need someone messing with your mind, Pray instead for guidance and seek those who are self controlled who have open hearts versus those who operate on ego.

    just a warning.

  3. Michael says:

    I have never believed there is anything at all in Hypnosis…..
    Just seems like a lot of “bull” to me……(so I guess I would not be
    a good person to try it on).

  4. Terry W says:

    Hypnosis is a state of consciousness between that of sleep and awake. Every human and most other animals go through the state twice a day. It is also a state of focus that aides concentration. It is a talent to be able to hypnotise yourself and it is very useful.

    As a hypnotherapist, I use it all the time to enable people to change. However, my talent is not the actual hypnosis, that is my clients skill. My skill is to show them how.

    Please do ignore gizbo and Michael
    Michael’s remarks come from ignorance and fear.
    Gizbo’s remarks are from ignorance and fear too. However, the is also bigoted, inaccurate and dangerously wrong remarks.

  5. Corey says:

    Its not what most people think, swing a yoyo and make someone lose their mind. No, its about manipulating your words to such specifics that will suggest a person to do so by their own will (but not actually)
    Its more effective on females than males because males have the gender specific ability to “not think” unlike females who genetically must constantly run a train of thought.
    This has many vulnerability, for example
    If a guy tells a female a riddle but never gives her the answer, it might boggle her mind 3-4x longer than it would a male. Also, you could bring it up and any time and continue her train of thought, where as a male can just “not care”

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