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How and why can a person become rigid under hypnosis?

August 9, 2012 by relax  
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Question by nicky: How and why can a person become rigid under hypnosis?
Is it dangerous?
Is it dangerous to the person being hypnotized?

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Answer by frumps
Hypnosis induces a person to do only what he is willing to do.

A person in an hypnotic state will tend not to put himself or others in danger unless he manifests that propensity while fully awake and functional.

And, he certainly will not make himself become so rigid that he puts himself in danger. Unless, of course, he consciously desires that result.

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One Response to “How and why can a person become rigid under hypnosis?”
  1. Tom R says:

    it can be very dangerous to the subject , your bank account, or your parents bank if you are under 18. It serves no useful purpose! it used to be used in some stage hypnosis shows, There were many damaged necks and backs and it proved nothing.

    there is a number of tests used as markers for various levels of hypnosis they are .completely different thing.. first do no harm!

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