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How are you supposed to feel when your hypnotized?

April 12, 2013 by relax  
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Question by : How are you supposed to feel when your hypnotized?
I have a self hypnosis tape, and I was wondering what its supposed to feel like to REALLY be hypnotized?
Are you still supposed to aware of everything going on around you? Are you supposed to focus on the words? Is it ok if your mind wanders, or if you wonder if its really working while the tapes on?

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Answer by George Parker
There is nothing special about a trance or hypnotic state and they vary considerably from person to person and time to time and are so natural as to not be distinguishable by unique characteristics. The only way you can know for sure if you are hypnotized is by doing something extraordinary which you would not be able to do without being hypnotized such as feeling no sensation when pricking your finger with a pin or remembering something you had forgotten long ago and could not otherwise recall.

In very gross and general terms, most hypnotic induction is simply like being talked to sleep. So, if you feel completely relaxed physically, are totally focused on the recording, and are experiencing no intrusive thoughts, you are probably in a hypnotic state or, at least, a state receptive to hypnotic suggestions.

During a session, you should focus on the words and you should not allow your mind to wander. The point of induction is to allow you time to relax mentally and physically so that you can drift into the pre-sleep twilight state with minimal physical and mental activity. You can do this by talking to yourself with the “little voice in your head” (autohypnosis) or by listening to someone else (heterohypnosis). It is only appropriate to have thoughts or take actions which are dictated by the person conducting the session.

Remember, no one can hypnotize you but yourself. Other people are simply facilitators who allow you to achieve the natural trance state easily and without falling asleep (a common problem with autohypnosis).

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