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How can a person block a remote direct energy weapon?

September 19, 2013 by relax  
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Question by JP: How can a person block a remote direct energy weapon?
Medical record says “shot by air-projectile record”. Most of the colon had to be surgically removed. Remote direct energy weapons are also known as “soft-kill” weapons that interfere and degenerate internal organs and cognitive health; but the most lethal applications cause heart attack, stroke, cancer , diabetes, even instant death. They use electromagnetic and acoustical frequencies including high power microwave. They are weapons of mass destruction – the most hi-tech sophisticated weapons ever known whose use on innocent unwitting citizens is likely classified. It interferes with ability to work and have healthy relationships and destroys their lives. The remote weapons are also known as remote political control technology; are used to cause “mind-effects ” and “physical effects”. They are used in mind-control cases. Mind-control is operational, experimental, and sometimes extermination . They can cause serious mental illness symptoms akin to schizophrenia via inducing audio and visual hallucinations, paranoid or repulsive content dreams, silent hypnosis, silent homicidal or suicidal thoughts that an unwitting or mentally unstable will follow as their own thoughts. The victims of these remote weapons are termed “Targeted Individuals” or “TI’s”. Government propaganda and the programmed public ignorance usually say that targeted individuals are mentally ill with schizophrenia or delusional personality disorder especially in rare cases where the unwitting and/or mentally unstable goes on a what’s the media calls “community killing spree” and lies and says the killer is mentally ill and did not know any of the people they shot by firearm when in reality is most were likely known as stalkers and those that harassed and harmed the targeted individual . Corporate media black-out exist on the facts surrounding innocent citizens who are targeted via “wireless weapons” having experiences of interference, torture, maiming, and death. To add insult to injury, targeted individuals, who seem to be government crime approved test subjects and target practice, are watched, under surveillance, electronically and in-face-to-face stalked by large groups of teams of citizens who along with local Sheriff and police participate using stealth moving surveillance methods that are not recognizable to the public or any untrained or experienced eyes. The people involved in the stalking are from all backgrounds, vocations, ages are usually involved in the illicit drug trade counter-surveillance and other criminal activity aside from helping to provide security for business and corporations and its other citizen leaders. Aside from wireless “nonlethal” weapons (that are being used to be lethal as already mentioned), deployment of other non-lethal weapons are done in the form of planting biological and chemical agents in the environment. And, using a “sleep frequency” , the perpetrators with the ability to circumvent most any lock on home doors, enter the home to drug or poison food, tamper, vandalize, theft and raping are also occurring. In May 2007 on CNN (news network), CIA boss John Long disclosed that a “rogue element” of the CIA was using a direct energy weapon on an innocent Australian university student’s backside and legs to harm their health. He asked, “Is that torture?”- then went into uncontrollable laughter. Currently, federal and local law enforcement refuses to investigate and prosecute whoever is using remote weapons/political control technology and methods on innocent citizens to destroy their lives. In a few cases, the law enforcement mentioned Homeland Security, the military, intelligence agencies as reasons they do not have jurisdiction to intervene to stop the abuse, torture, and murder of innocent citizens. To date, Congress has refuse to intervene also. Only one law enforcement agency, in California, has admitted that organized group or “gang stalking” exist to stalk and terrorize and set-up crimes against targeted individuals. The perpetrators cite “national security” and use slander to say targeted individuals are mentally ill to cover up the abuse, torture, and murder. The remote weapons seem to penetrate any material, and lock onto a targeted individuals unique brain resonance frequency.

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Answer by Jake
haha, i didnt read more than a paragraph, but to “block” an energy weapon you would need some sort of field of energized particles that redirect or even disapate this energy beam, and that shit aint high tech, i dream of weapons that fire nothing, but take apart the matter the target is made of and mabey even store this energy so if possible…….. wait,,, thats all you are gonna hear

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