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How can Espeon learn hypnosis in pokemon diamond?

December 24, 2010 by relax  
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Question by herng_hew: How can Espeon learn hypnosis in pokemon diamond?
I am a little confuse what to give Espeon for its movesets, Psychic and Shadow ball are confirmed. Is it ok for espeon to learn grass know . And how espeon can learn hypnosis ?

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Answer by Shiny Dialga
Espeon can’t learn Hypnosis but it can learn Grass Knot by using a TM. Instead of Hypnosis, I would teach it Yawn (egg move) It works just like hypnosis but it takes two turns to work and it has better acc.

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One Response to “How can Espeon learn hypnosis in pokemon diamond?”
  1. MuffinBaker says:

    Personally, I would use:

    Calm Mind
    Shadow Ball/Signal Beam
    Hidden Power – Ground / Hidden Power – Fighting

    Calm Mind boosts Espeon’s already sky high Special Attack stat; you can even get more boosts than usual when setting up on a weak special attacker. Psychic provides STAB damage, and the rest of the moves provide decent coverage. Hidden Power Ground hits Steel-types and Drapion for super effective damage, which are very important targets as they both commonly switch into Espeon expecting a Choiced Psychic. Signal Beam hits Psychic types such as Slowbro, Claydol, and fellow Espeon for super effective damage. It also hits Honchkrow for neutral damage, who would otherwise wall this set. You should keep Espeon hidden from your opponent until it needs to sweep so that your opponent’s team will hopefully be weakened enough for Espeon to exploit.

    Hidden Power Fighting and Shadow Ball can be used because Shadow Ball hits Ghost-types for super effective damage while also hitting other Psychic-types harder than Signal Beam. Hidden Power Fighting covers the lost Honchkrow coverage that Signal Beam had.

    Substitute is a very good option if you opt for Leftovers as well because it can block status, scout, or simply try to draw a miss or full paralysis. If you opt for Leftovers and Substitute, it is a good idea to take 4 EVs out of SpD and SpA, and add them into HP. With 8 HP EVs, Espeon reaches a Substitute number and then an additional point so that it can create five Substitutes providing it doesn’t take any damage.

    This Espeon benefits from residual damage the most out of any set due to being a great late game cleaner built on setting up only a couple of Calm Minds. Spikes alone allows Espeon to 2HKO Registeel after a Calm Mind. Add Stealth Rock into the mix, and your opponent will be in a very grim situation. This variant of Espeon still has trouble with Chansey, though, so Blaziken and the rest of the mixed wall breakers come to mind as viable teammates. Not only do they beat Chansey, they also force switches that increase the residual damage inflicted on the opponent’s team. Since this Espeon does not switch in and out often, this allows you to almost disregard defensive compensation for Espeon and focus more on other Pokemon’s weaknesses.

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